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Classic Gemstone Auction

Diamonds and rubies and sapphires and emeralds; these are just a few of our favourite things - at auction! Catawiki's Gemstone auctions are filled with stunning selections of lot listings, including splendidly cut diamonds, magnificent green emeralds, or beautiful mineral or gemstone figurines! Our Gemstone auctions offer a selection of gems in all shapes, sizes, and weights; we're guaranteed to have what you are looking for! Gemstones from all over the world are on offer; from India to Morocco, and from China to Brazil. We've got a vast assortment of gemstones in a variety of spectacular colours. Lots are presented as individual pieces or sets, both cut and uncut - all in all, Catawiki's exceptional Gemstone auctions offer a truly remarkable and enormously extensive assortment of collectable items! So make sure to create your free Catawiki account; a magnificent multitude of glorious gemstones awaits.