Chinese Art Auction (Young Collectors)

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Chinese Art Auction

Those who love antiques and Asian art will fall in love with our Asian Art auction. Many of our listings include sculptures, tableware, and more objects of Asian descent. Each object is designed with beautiful materials—like genuine bamboo and precious porcelain—and capture the essence of Asian culture. Because of the strong influences from Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism and Christianity between the early 1700s to recent 1920s, these Asian designs have many special characteristics and mixed styles. Some of our other listings include historical documents and other written artifacts of design and Asian landmarks. Each of our listings have a comprehensive description of the object, as well as in-depth images for easy viewing. Looking to sell your collection of antique, Asian designs? At Catawiki, we have a great team of professional experts to help give a smooth and secure selling experience. So why wait? Register now to buy or sell special Asian objects today!