Expand your palate with Expert in Wine Patricia Verschelling

Written by Marieke | Published on 23rd March 2022

Fifteen years ago, Patricia - then a struggling artist - found a job in a restaurant to make some extra money. Intrigued by their incredible wine menu, it sparked her passion to learn more and expand her palette. She has since become a trusted expert in her field, guiding buyers and sellers through the digital vineyards of Catawiki.

If you’re keen to start collecting, Patricia recommends to start with whatever excites your personal taste buds: wines are created to be enjoyed after all. Visit plenty of wine shops, tastings and wineries to expand your knowledge and become a connoisseur in your own right.

As popularity and scarcity increase, big names like Bordeaux and Super Tuscan will always be a great investment, as well as sought-after vintages. As a slightly more affordable alternative, vintage champagnes have been gaining popularity among enthusiasts in recent years, with prices steadily increasing.

And the underdogs? Patricia praises the fortified sherry wines from the Jerez region of Spain. “They tend to have a bad reputation as the drink of choice for elderly ladies in the early days, but they actually deserve far more credit. Beautifully layered in taste, these wines form interesting combinations with food and are still relatively affordable for the complexity of their production process,” says Patricia.  


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