International Women’s Day: Meet Fares Micue

Written by Jenna | 8 March 2024

Every year, on the 8th of March, the world celebrates the achievements of women. At Catawiki, we celebrate women who design, create and make the special objects we love. 

In this interview series we sat down with four women to hear their stories and learn about their experiences. Meet fine art photographer, Fares Micue.

How did you become a photographer? What motivated you to pursue photography?

I got into photography as a hobby. I enjoyed the process of creating the images and writing the stories. In the beginning, I didn't see photography as my future. It was something that developed over time as my knowledge and skills got better. I started seeing photography as a way to share the lessons I had learned with others. I wanted to help and encourage people to reflect and start their own self-discovery journey.

At that point, I knew that photography was what I wanted to do from that moment forward. I have said this before: my younger self's dream was to become an actress and share warm and inspirational stories with the world. As an adult, I feel like this dream is now a reality.

Would you consider part of your work to be a reflection of your cultural heritage?

Not really. I feel like my work is mostly based on my experience as a human being on earth trying to find balance and happiness in everyday moments. I don't feel like my work is dedicated to a specific sector of the population but to the whole world. The feeling of not being good enough, of not knowing what we really want – and the adventure of finding our way and our voice in the middle of this busy environment is universal.

How does your work represent you as a person? And as a woman?

Although my work aims to give relief to any human being regardless of their gender, I can only speak from a woman's perspective because that is what I am. As women we definitely have our own way of receiving, feeling, and processing the information and stimuli around us. I know that every individual is different but in my case, I attribute my delicacy, romanticism, and way of seeking beauty and the perfect aesthetic balance in my work to my feminine energy. Therefore, I feel like my work firmly represents who I am inside from its aesthetic to its positive messages.

Can you tell us about the women who inspired you the most?

I will have to say, my mum. Her name is Martina. She is strong and humble. She would say she has never accomplished anything big but I disagree. She brought me into this world and raised me with only my best interest in mind. She always gave me the confidence to believe in myself. She always made me feel that my opinions were valid. She supported me whenever I needed it. Without her, I wouldn't be who I am. 

How do you see yourself as an agent of change?

I just want to be able to share some hope with the world through my work. If only one person finds a ray of sun in my work in the middle of their cloudy day I already feel accomplished.

This is how I want to usher in change.

How do marketplaces like Catawiki help your work be seen on a global scale?

As an individual, it is sometimes difficult to reach all the people who would benefit from your work. Places like Catawiki get you closer to your audience.

What advice do you have for the next generation of female photographers with big dreams?

To follow their voice. To have a clear vision of what they want to accomplish, otherwise it is easy to get distracted. Don’t allow any intrusive or negative thoughts to interfere with your plan, but also be compassionate with yourself. Do not beat yourself up over tiny mistakes and if at any point on your journey, you need to reset, rethink or restart, do not feel guilty – do it. Everyone has their own unique path and pace.


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