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Why sell on Catawiki?

Whether you're new to online auctions or sell professionally, we can help you earn more for your special objects.


Passionate buyers

Over 10 million buyers around the world are waiting for your special object.

Expert guidance

Our experts make sure your special object is ready to sell for a great price.

Easy payments

Sell worry-free with committed buyers, binding bids, and a secure payment system.

Secure sales, without the hidden fees

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Transparent pricing
To connect passionate buyers and sellers, we charge a seller fee of 12.5% and a buyer fee of 9% of the final bid value.
No sale, no fee
It’s always free to submit your special object - you’ll only pay the fee if it sells.
Save on shipping
Buyers cover the price of shipping and any costs related to sending objects abroad.
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We have more than 240 experts in over 22 categories ready to set you up for auction success

What our experts do

Virtually review submissions
Experts review submissions and remotely select only the best for auction. So your special object is always in good company.
Assist with object presentation
Experts check that your object has all the details a buyer needs to bid so you can sell it for a price you’re thrilled with.
Select the perfect auction
Experts make sure your special object is easy to find by placing it in the perfect auctions.

Get to know our experts

How selling with us works

Find the perfect new home for your special object, with support along the way.


1. Tell your special object's story

Show buyers what makes your object such a great find with all the details and plenty of eye-catching photos.

One of our experts will virtually review your special object and if it meets our quality standards, place it in the auction where the perfect buyer will find it.


2. We'll find the perfect buyer

We’ll find someone who loves your object as much as you do - all you have to do is sit back, relax, and watch the bids roll in.

Sell the way you want to with options to set a minimum price for certain objects, sell an entire collection, and choose how you'll ship.


3. Earn more, worry-free

The auction ends and it’s time to pack up your special object and send it off to its new home.

We’ll collect payment from the buyer and keep it secure. Once delivery is confirmed, you get paid.

Passionate buyers are looking for your special object.

If you have questions, we've got answers

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The objects we accept for sale in our auctions reflect the unique, harder to find objects of value that our buyers are looking for. We accept objects from a wide range of categories, depending on their rarity, age, condition, origin, quality, and more. The specific acceptance criteria for objects varies by category.
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The seller fee is 12.5% of the final bid, excluding VAT (VAT is only applied to the fee).
  • For sellers in the EU, VAT is based on their country’s VAT rate.
  • For sellers outside of the EU, the Dutch VAT rate of 21% is used.
  • Professional sellers in the EU can make use of the VAT exemption scheme.
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Once the buyer pays, we'll let you know that you have 3 working days to ship the order or prepare it for pickup. Your payments are then scheduled based on whether or not the order has been shipped or picked up by the buyer, and the payment frequency that you choose.
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Yes, depending on the category and if the object has a certain expected revenue. If applicable, you can choose the minimum price that you're willing to sell the object for. This price will be hidden to bidders, who will only see if the minimum price has been met or not. If the minimum price hasn't been met once the auction ends, your object won't sell.
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As part of our commitment to trust and safety, our experts bring with them extensive experience and knowledge in their field. Their know-how combined with our exceptional security standards makes sure both buyers and sellers have a hassle-free experience. Our experts virtually review the special objects you submit, assist with presentation, and place them in the perfect auction.
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We operate in 60 countries and speak 17 languages, so you’ll always feel at home with us. Our dedicated account managers, experts and customer support specialists are always ready to answer your questions.
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