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When willI I receive payment for my sold object?

When the buyer's payment has been received, you will be notified that you have 3 working days to send the order or make it ready for pickup. Your payments are scheduled based on whether or not the order has been shipped or picked up by the buyer, and on the payment frequency that has been selected in your 'Settings' under 'Payment'.
Sellers have the option to select one of the following payment frequencies:

  • Every day 
  • Once a week (On Wednesdays)
  • Every two weeks (The first and third Wednesday of the month)
  • Once a month (The first Wednesday of the month)

If the order has been shipped: after you've shipped the order, you are required to change the order status to 'Shipped'. When the tracking number provided reflects that the order has been delivered, the buyer will receive a notification asking them to inspect the order and report any issues within 3 days. On the 4th day after delivery, your payment will be scheduled according to the selected payment frequency. 

*Please note that in the event that the tracking number provided is not correct or does not properly reflect the delivery of the order, the pending payment will default to the selected payment frequency after 25 days from the order being marked as shipped. To help us track the delivery of your item and send your payment as quickly as possible, please use one of our supported shipping companies and add a valid track and trace code when you’ve shipped the item.

If the order has been picked up: If the order has been picked up by the buyer, you are required to change the order status to 'Picked up'. There is then a 14 day period which begins from the day you, the seller, update the status before you can receive your payment. In addition to this 14 day period, the exact payment date will depend on the payment frequency selected in your 'Payment' settings.

You may review or change your payment frequencies whilst logged into your account by clicking here.

Your expected payment date can also be found in the payment confirmation we, Catawiki, will send to you by email. Please note that payments are only processed on working days and do not happen during the weekend.

If a claim has been opened, your payment may be withheld until the issue has been solved. We are here to help mediate if necessary.

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