Lot Submission & Evaluation
What is the role of experts at Catawiki?

At Catawiki we want to ensure that the items in our auctions are unique, harder to find objects of value that bidders get excited about.


For this purpose our passionate team of in-house Experts carefully reviews and selects the items that are admitted for auction. During this evaluation they consider various aspects and product characteristics that determine the quality and influence the estimated value of an item.

Our Experts also ensure that each lot is presented in the best possible and correct way, e.g. through quality photographs and complete information. This will help our buyers to find the objects they care about, and feel confident bidding and buying your objects for the right price.


They are here to provide guidance, feedback and expertise to our sellers, and they select the most suitable auction for each item to attract the right bidders.


Meet our experts here: https://www.catawiki.com/en/e


If you’d like to contact one of our experts, you can do so during the lot submission process.

In the final stage of the submitting process, use the text box 'Message the expert' to let the expert know you would like a valuation of your lot. Our expert will then get back to you as soon as possible.

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