Eddy de Wind - Eindstation... Auschwitz - 1946

Eddy de Wind - Eindstation... Auschwitz - 1946
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Eindstation... Auschwitz by Eddy de Wind.
The only book written in Auschwitz.

First printing (1946).
Fair copy of this rare volume with traces of age, see photos.

Horrific account of hell on earth: life inside Auschwitz concentration camp.

With complementary reading copy (see last two photos for condition) of "Nacht over Nederland" ("Night over the Netherlands"). First edition of 1945.
Hard cover with dustjacket and with inlaid colour illustration by Marten Toonder.
A vivid account in Dutch of life in Holland during 5 years of German occupation. Many photos and illustrations.

Wikipedia: "Eliazar (Eddy) de Wind (The Hague, February 6, 1916 - Amsterdam, September 27, 1987) was a Dutch physician, psychiatrist and psychoanalyst of Jewish descent. De Wind was a Holocaust survivor from Auschwitz camp.

Eddy de Wind was the first - and perhaps only - doctor who voluntarily went to Westerbork immediately after his doctor's exam to assist the deportees. He reported after his mother was arrested and taken to Westerbork. The Jewish Council promised him that if he volunteered to register as a doctor for Westerbork, his mother would be released. When de Wind arrived in Westerbork, however, his mother had already been transported to Auschwitz. De Wind spent a long time in Westerbork, where he met and even married his first wife. Eventually he was also deported to Auschwitz himself. He survived the camp. When the Germans left, he hid under a barrack. He was thus one of the few to experience the liberation by the Russians. After the liberation of the camp by the Soviet army, he stayed at their request for some time to help care for the sick.

After returning to the Netherlands, he specialized as a psychiatrist and psychoanalyst. He devoted a lot of time to the treatment of war trauma and made it known at home and abroad. In 1946, De Wind was the first to publish about concentration camp syndrome (KZ syndrome) in an article entitled 'Confrontation with death'. In 1946, he published 'Eindstation... Auschwitz', a detailed account of his imprisonment, written in the camp itself after the liberation by the Russians. As far as is known, it is the only book written in Auschwitz itself. In addition to the KZ syndrome, De Wind was also one of the first to devote attention to transgenerational traumatization.

After the war De Wind separated from the woman he met in Westerbork. He married again and had three children.

Eddy de Wind ('Edward de Vind') is quoted in the report of the Soviet Union, as presented to the Nuremberg Tribunal (USSR-008): (translated) “After the occupation of the Netherlands by the Germans, it was found in 1940 a purge took place of the government, the civil service and educational institutions. Three of our university assistants were removed from us and I left for Amsterdam. A Dutch fascist was found murdered in a residential area. In retaliation, the Germans arrested 400 hostages, including myself. They picked me up on the street and sent me to this camp. ”

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Jodendom, Krijgsgeschiedenis
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Eddy de Wind
Eindstation... Auschwitz
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