Dorat / Eisen ; Marillier - Œuvres - 1770/1790

Dorat / Eisen ; Marillier - Œuvres - 1770/1790
Erotica, Literatuur, Poëzie - Aantal: 4 - Boek

An exceptional set of the Œuvres de Dorat, made up of works published separately (between 1770 and 1790) and united in 4 octavo volumes.

In our copy, the first volume consists of two volumes of the “Œuvres mêlées”, dated 1792. The second contains "La Déclamation théâtrale" (fourth edition, Delalain, 1771) and "Mes Fantaisies" (third edition, the same publisher as above, 1770). "Les Baisers" followed by "Recueil de Contes et de poèmes" (fourth edition) and "Lettres d'une Chanoinesse de Lisbonne à Melcour" complete the third volume, published by Delalain in 1770, 1776 and 1780 respectively. For the fourth volume: “Mes Nouveaux Torts, ou Nouveau Mélange de Poésies, pour servir de suite aux Fantaisies” (published by Monory in 1767), followed by “Les Victimes de l'Amour” (Delalain, 1790) and “Mélanges poétiques et Littéraires”.

Everything is superbly illustrated with engraved half-title pages, headbands, initials, culs-de-lampe and out of text plates after Eisen and Marillier (curiosa) made up as follows:

Volume 1: 1 frontispiece portrait after Denon, 2 engraved title pages after Eisen, 9 out of text engravings after Eisen, 8 headbands after Eisen, 2 unsigned headbands, 2 culs-de-lampe after Eisen, 5 unsigned culs-de-lampe.

Volume 2: 2 engraved title pages after Eisen, 4 out of text engravings after Eisen, 1 title page vignette after Eisen, 1 headband after Eisen and 1 cul-de-lampe after Eisen.

Volume 3: 3 engraved title pages, two after Eisen (the third unsigned), 1 unsigned title page vignette, 7 out of text engravings after Eisen, 2 out of text engravings after Marillier, 21 headbands after Eisen, 2 headbands after Marillier, 4 unsigned headbands, 13 culs-de-lampe after Eisen, 2 culs-de-lampe after Marillier, 10 unsigned culs-de-lampe

Volume 4: 2 engraved title pages after Marillier and 2 out of text engravings after Marillier.

The set is in lovely period flamed tan sheepskin bindings, smooth spines adorned with gilded cloisonne embossing and red morocco title and volume number labels. Gilded fillet rolls framing the covers. Mottled edges.

In good condition. Light friction on the caps and edges of the covers. Slightly blunt corners. Inside in good condition, fresh, nicely printed on laid paper, very rare foxing but nothing consequential. Very light water stains in the margin of the first 24 pages of Volume 3.

[Eisen, Marillier] Dorat

Œuvres [4 volumes]

Paris, Delalain, 1770-1790.

204-197 pp. + 238-264 pp. + 175-96-44-88 pp. + xxii-232-120-45 pp.

Octavo (19 x 12 cm).

Aantal boeken
Erotica, Literatuur, Poëzie
Auteur/ Illustrator
Dorat / Eisen ; Marillier
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19×12 cm
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