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Beatles’ hair sells for €10,000
During an online auction on Catawiki, the auction platform for special objects, strands of hair belonging to the four Beatles members were sold for €10,000. The hair, which yielded four times its estimated value, attracted the attention of bidders from all over the world. According to Denny Hoekstra, Beatles expert at Catawiki, the lots concerned were very special Beatles memorabilia. “The hair...
Most expensive Panini football sticker album auctioned off for €12,000
Yesterday evening, one of the most coveted Panini football sticker albums was auctioned off for €12,000 on the online auction platform Catawiki. This sale has made this particular album the most expensive Panini album in the world.This album is the international album of the World Cup in Mexico in 1970. The 50 year old album is rare in itself, but it’s also in an extraordinary mint condition an...
World’s oldest Vespa is up for auction
Fans of Italian scooter brand Vespa will be delighted to hear that the world’s oldest Vespa is currently up for auction at Catawiki, a premier online auction site. Catawiki’s experts say the scooter, with chassis number 1003, is the third Vespa ever made by Piaggio, the Italian manufacturer. The Vespa is from Piaggio’s “0 series,” which was comprised of 60 prototype scooters; the first two prot...
Most expensive LEGO brick in the world sells for £15,750
Last night, online auction house Catawiki auctioned off one of the world’s rarest LEGO bricks for nearly £16,000. The LEGO brick, made of 14-carat solid gold broke the record for the most expensive LEGO brick on the planet. The gold itself is estimated to be worth merely £1,700, however the real value of the brick is in its collectability.
Does your wardrobe need a new direction or the magic touch?
Internationally acclaimed fashion designer and artist, Johny Dar joins forces with 100 celebrities for ‘Jeans for Refugees’ project raising money for the International Rescue Committee (IRC). From Hollywood heavy hitters Ryan Gosling and Sharon Stone to Britain’s very own Sir Elton John and Victoria Beckham, the 100 celebrities have each donated a pair of their jeans which are being painted and...
Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee
A rare image of the late Muhammad Ali is up for sale on online auction house, Catawiki. The art is part of Andy Warhol’s Athlete's series, which examined famous sportspeople, such as OJ Simpson and Pele. The painting, which is numbered and signed by the artist, is set to sell for £40k when the auction ends next Sunday (28th). In Warhol’s classic pop-art style, the image of Ali captures the i...
Pokemon Auction a GO!
Over the past month, we’ve seen the world go mad for Pokemon Go. The kids that were trading Pokemon cards in the playground twenty years ago have now grown up, but their nostalgia is undeniable. Those Pokemon trading cards that have been gathering dust in the attic are getting the world’s attention again, and that shiny Charizard card that hasn’t seen the light of day since 2001 could be worth ...
How does it feel to be in the shoes of the fastest man on the planet?
As all eyes turn to the Olympics and Usain Bolt in particular, online auction house Catawiki is auctioning the runner’s actual shoe that he wore during the 2015 World Championships in Beijing, helping him win 3 gold medals! These shoes were designed for and signed by Bolt himself and are not available for the public to buy… until now! The Olympian’s running spike is expected to go for £4,200...
Transformed Luxury Bedford Bus Motor-home to sell for £120,000 at auction
The one of a kind R/V converted bus was purchased two years ago as a wreck by professional coach builder and engineer Walter Bell, who in 3,500 working hours, single-handedly transformed it into the world's only 1950 Bedford bus luxury home on wheels. The bus, which from the outside wouldn't look out of place on a busy road in the 50s, has been decked out inside with a handcrafted American waln...
Looking for a unique engagement ring? Catawiki provides the complete guide to gemstones
When the time comes to purchase the most important ring in a woman’s life, their engagement ring, it must be absolutely perfect. We all know diamonds are a girl’s best friend but amongst the rubies, emeralds and sapphires there are other lesser-known gemstones on offer to provide you with that extra sparkle. Deborah Mazza, specialist gemstone auctioneer at online auction house Catawiki shares h...
Internationally acclaimed fashion designer and artist, Johny Dar’s ‘Jeans for Refugees’ celebrity collection now open for bids
100 celebrities involved including: Ryan Gosling, Victoria Beckham, Benicio Del Toro, Daniel Radcliffe, Sir Elton John, Alicia Vikander, Claudia Schiffer, Danii Minogue, Elle Macpherson, Emma Watson, Eva Longoria, Florence Welch, Heather Graham, Kate Moss, Lily Allen, Pink, Rachel McAdams, Sharon Stone and many more.
Jurassic Park anniversary - REAL dinosaur bones auction on Catawiki
This week, to coincide with the 23rd anniversary of the release of the first ever Jurassic Park film, online auction house Catawiki is holding an exclusive auction of real dinosaur bones! The week long auction will give everyone from dinosaur enthusiasts, to those of you looking for something a little different to spice up your home, the chance to bring the Natural History Museum to the comfort...
A 14-carat gold football signed by Gullit and Cisse is set to sell for £100k!
Engraved with the signatures from football superstars Ruud Gullit, Djibril Cisse, Romario, Mijatovic and Ravelli, the exclusive, never-seen-before 14-carat golden football weighs 2.5kg and was handmade in the Netherlands in 2006. Valued at £75,000, it has already received a bid of £45k on online auction house Catawiki. According to auctioneer Marc Jans, sports memorabilia expert at Catawiki,...
Rare David Bowie art photography goes up for auction
David Bowie, who stole the hearts of music fans around the world stayed relevant through the eras and inspired young and older fans alike, with his moving performance style. As such it has been announced today that an orchestral tribute to David Bowie will headline Glastonbury’s Park Stage due to the sheer respect and love of the icon. Ahead of Glastonbury, and as another tribute to the ...
Celebrate the opening of the Tate with your own spectacular piece of art
No need to visit the Tate Modern, wishing you could own a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork, Catawiki’s week-long exclusive art auction showcases incredible and rare artwork, curated and valued by specialist auctioneers. Lots include a limited edition Andy Warhol print, signed by the man himself and featuring dancer Martha Graham, to a hand signed book of Picasso’s early work, including 11 orig...
Challenging consumerism: From superheroes to the developing world, Matt Lambert artistically explores the ever-evolving world we live in
Whereas most lots that go up for auction on Catawiki are only available to view online, Matt Lambert and Catawiki are hosting a live exhibition for the public to view the artwork this weekend (further details below). Would you like to attend? The exhibition will showcase all new artwork in the auction whilst the bidding action will take place simultaneously online through the Catawiki website, ...
Half a million female bikers give Hell’s Angels a run for their money!
Clinging on at the back of the bike is a thing of the past as thousands of women are putting pedal to the metal and harnessing the power of the motorcycle.   So why are so many women biking? A study by Harley Davidson revealed that women who ride are much happier, confident and feel more sexy than those who do not own a bike. There’s never been a better time to jump on and invest in your ...
Online auction house, Catawiki conquers global growth and sets sights on expansion
Online auction house, Catawiki has been unveiled as the fastest growing technology company in the world, according to Deloitte. The Dutch platform that auctions off unique and special objects including classic cars, watches, antiques, jewellery and art has been confirmed as the company with the highest growth percentage amongst all the nominated technology companies across Deloitte’s regional F...
Feeding Britain’s passion: Beautiful images of horses inspired by David Attenborough go up for auction
Sheila Rock, renowned photographer, known for capturing punk life and music, has recently taken a different direction with a project dedicated to the beauty of horses. Inspired by the great Sir David Attenborough, Sheila embarked on a project without the limitations of time to capture the essence of horses. The project called ‘Enduring Spirit’ features the horses from Sense and Sensibility a...
The first Tintin album published in full colour is up for auction on Catawiki this week - one of the rarest collectors' items in the world!
This week, one of the rarest Tintin comic books in the world is under the hammer on Catawiki (Europe's fastest growing online auction house). It is a text-free version of the album "Tintin in Africa" in 1948. The album has no title on the front and no text in the text balloons. It is also the first Tintin album published in full colour. In the world, there are just seven copies of this w...
Rare 1960s and 1970s images of the Rolling Stones, Jerry Hall and Marianne Faithful go up for auction
The photos are being sold at the Movie Stars and Musicians 10 auction where lots will be live until May 26th. Starting prices are as low as £1, giving big fans with small budgets a chance to bid on items. Images come from a variety of sources, including the collections of photographers like Michael Putland and Anton Corbijn, as well as newspaper archives. The photos are being sold thro...
‘Anyone can be a princess’ - find an exclusive collection of tiaras and accessories on Catawiki to celebrate International Tiara Day
However, if you are missing some sparkles from your life, Catawiki, Europe's fastest-growing online auction house, is here to save the day with unique and timeless princess and Disney related items. You can even get yourself an exclusive, antique Barbie from designer Rob Mackie!   Catawiki is an online auction platform, offering something unique and special for everyone, hosting weekly aucti...
Goodbye London tube, hello Vespa - specialist Vespa auction on Catawiki to celebrate its 70th year
Vespa is 70 years old this year. As timeless today as it was when it first graced Italy’s cobbled streets, the design classic has seen the ultimate revival. With an annual zone 1 – 4 travel card now setting you back in excess of £1,860 and average daily commutes getting slower, you could be zipping through the streets ‘Roman Holiday’ style in just the click of a button as a unique collection...
Exclusive Coin Auction: 25 of the most precious, rare coins and banknotes up for auction on Catawiki
The coin collection, celebrating the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, was designed by renowned sculptor, John Bergdahl. Designs for the three £100 one-ounce and six £25 quarter-ounce coins were inspired by the Olympic motto ‘Citius, Altius, Fortius’, Latin for Faster, Higher, Stronger.  However, this is not the only collection up for auction. The auction comprises 25 of the most pre...
Full steam ahead! Incredibly rare live steam model of Stephenson's Rocket locomotive sells for record breaking price on Catawiki
The exquisite model, built by John Maxwell Hemmens resides in Asnieres sur Seine in France and must be personally picked up due to its fragility and value. Specialist auctioneer Jonathon Torode who commissioned the lot explains “John Hemmens traded as Precision Steam Models of York in the 1980s and produced hand built superbly engineered steam models, including the Rocket, all in strictly li...

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