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Discover upcoming opportunities to

sell on Catawiki

To help you attract bigger audiences and more bids for your special objects, take a look at the major selling moments we’ve got planned for the next few months. 

No Reserve Day is back – attract more bids during Catawiki’s biggest auction event

1-11 & 12 December

Submit your objects with no reserve price by 29 November

Enjoy higher demand for your special objects as Catawiki’s biggest auction event returns. All objects in auctions ending 11 & 12 December will be sold without a reserve price.

Why participate in No Reserve Day?

·  You could earn a higher price for your object

A 15-20% increase in unique bidders means more bids, which tends to result in a higher selling price.

·  It’s Catawiki’s biggest auction event

We’re targeting all existing bidders as well as attracting new buyers during this campaign period.

·  More people visit Catawiki during No Reserve Day

We project a 10-15% increase in unique visitors to Catawiki during this period.

·  More bidders could see your object

Via a range of marketing channels: from digital advertising to targeted email campaigns, high-profile partnerships and even voucher incentives for buyers.

What objects are we looking for?

We are seeking special objects across all categories – particularly objects that are usually hard to find in auction without a reserve price.

How to participate in No Reserve Day


Submit your objects with no reserve price by 29 November.


Add ‘29nov’ in your message for the expert.


Upon approval, the expert will assign your object to a No Reserve Day auction.

See what’s coming on the Catawiki calendar

Stay tuned! We’re currently planning for 2024 and will update this page in December with more opportunities to sell.

Need some guidance on what to submit?

Catawiki is committed to maintaining our high quality standards. Our experts follow strict assessment guidelines before approving an object for auction. Please view the submission guidelines for more information.