International Women’s Day: Meet Sarah Ho

Written by Jenna | 8 March 2024

Every year, on the 8th of March, the world celebrates the achievements of women. At Catawiki, we celebrate women who design, create and make the special objects we love. 

In this interview series we sat down with four women to hear their stories and learn about their experiences. Meet fine jewellery designer, Sarah Ho.

How did you become a jewellery designer? What motivated you to pursue jewellery and design?

Before turning my focus fully to jewellery, I trained as a fashion designer in London. I worked for several fashion houses and magazines. In my heart I always knew something was missing, as I have always been drawn to the beauty and power of gemstones. This pretty much has led me to where I am today as my fashion background actually shaped my style as a jewellery designer.

I love embroidery, beading and fabric patterns and all these elements have inspired my work through innovative manufacturing techniques and application of gemstones.  I always tell my clients, “I don’t design like a traditional jewellery designer, I design with more of a fashion aesthetic".


I also enjoy mixing unusual colour palettes and this is something that I love the most. Colour plays a big part in my life, not only in my work but in my home too. I am a big collector of vibrant and colourful artworks.

Would you consider part of your work to be a reflection of your cultural heritage?

My culture is very much entwined in my inspiration and designs. Growing up in Hong Kong and Macau, I can say that a lot of the Asian culture and traditions were embedded into my upbringing. For example, the power of numbers is extremely important in Asia. My family would have a Feng Shui Master to pick dates for all our important events. This strong family tradition then became the inspiration for my award-winning and hugely popular Numerati Collection. I recently hired a Feng Shui Master to assist with creating harmony in our London showroom as well.

How does your work represent you as a person? And as a woman?

My designs very much represent me both as a person and a woman.  The jewellery I design is strong, bold and elegant and has a sense of fun, whether it be in their colour combinations or an unusual selection of gemstones.  It reflects my passion for fashion and colour, which is very much replicated in every part of my life.  

Can you tell us about the women who inspired you the most?

The women in my life are my muses, especially my paternal grandmother and my mother.  Both were passionate about their jewellery.  My grandmother had an amazing jewellery collection and was never seen without her jewellery. My mother on the other hand was also an avid jewellery collector but with a very different style, reflecting her life in London in the 70’s.  Her pieces were bold and made a statement.

How do you envision the future of your industry? How do you see yourself as an agent of change?

Our goal at Sarah Ho Jewellery is to revolutionise the fine and high jewellery industry by leading in sustainability and circular economy, prioritising responsible sourcing, recycling and running a carbon-neutral operation. 

We have made significant strides in sustainability, with roughly 70% of our jewellery featuring antique sourced gemstones. Our ambitious aim is to reach 100% by 2030, solidifying our commitment to a fully circular approach. This vision underscores our dedication for responsible sourcing, recycling, and carbon neutrality, shaping the future of fine jewellery with ethics and sustainability at its core. 

How do marketplaces like Catawiki help your work be seen on a global scale?

Being part of the global marketplace is very important for us and, depending on the region, has many different approaches.  For example we partner with specialist jewellery companies for consumer shows in the Middle East. In Asia, it is very much through personal VIP events. And in Europe, we have a London showroom in Mayfair. We are just opening our flagship boutique in Monaco which is a dream come true. 

On the other hand, we also sell through specialist marketplaces such as Catawiki, as we have matching brand values. 

What advice do you have for the next generation of jewellery designers with big dreams?

The first piece of advice is to follow your heart! Fulfilling your big dream will often take many turns along the way as there are no set rules to guide you. Be focused, ambitious and patient too. Be true to yourself and never let the dream fade.


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