Smart Shipping

Smart Shipping: An easier way to ship your special objects

Spend less time and effort on shipping, so you can focus on your passion

Why switch to smart shipping?

Smart shipping allows sellers to spend less time and effort on shipping, and more time on their passion. Pricing is more transparent with no upfront costs, shipping labels are automatically generated and tracked, and buyers pay up to 35% less on shipping fees.

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Your buyers can save up to 35% on shipping fees

Lower shipping fees means buyers are able to bid more on your special objects. Pricing is agreed with our shipping providers and is based on the exact weight and dimensions of your package.

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Prefilled shipping labels
Once a buyer has paid for your special object, smart shipping automatically generates a prefilled, ready-to-print shipping label, so there’s no need to pay for purchase labels yourself.
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Automatic tracking
Save time and prevent errors by not having to manually input tracking information. Tracking codes are automatically generated and the shipping status can be viewed directly on the Order page for extra peace of mind.
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Get shipping issues resolved quickly
Shipping issues can be investigated and resolved faster with smart shipping. If problems arise during shipping, we’ll get in touch with the shipping company on your behalf, saving you time and effort.

Ready to start selling with smart shipping?

What sellers say about smart shipping

Find out how sellers are benefitting from smart shipping, in their own words.

"Wow, these are fair prices for me and my buyers."

"I don't need to manually enter data, so there's less chance of mistakes."

"I can prepare 50 orders in 10-15 minutes, instead of 2-3 hours."

Enjoy peace of mind by

insuring your objects

With smart shipping, you can add insurance and rest easy knowing that your objects are covered.

Shipping insurance costs 1% (excl. VAT) of the final bid or buy now amount – one of the lowest rates on the market – and your objects will be covered (up to €10,000) against theft, damage or loss in transit. It can be added during submission or after your object is sold (not valid for vehicles).
Shipping with Catawiki

At the moment, selected sellers within the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Italy, Germany and Spain are eligible for smart shipping.

We’re working on rolling out smart shipping to all our sellers in the near future - we’ll let you know as soon as it’s available for you. When it’s available, you’ll see the option to use smart shipping when you submit an object.

We use the weight, dimensions, origin and destination of the package to show the buyer the cheapest rates from different shipping companies. Once a buyer has paid, shipping costs are transferred directly to the shipping company and sellers will then receive a ready-to-print shipping label to use on their package. See shipping prices per shipping company.
We make it easy to ship with reliable shipping companies in your country. When you submit an object to sell, you’ll select the shipping companies you want to use. Note: Different shipping companies have different services, insurance policies, shipping points, and guidelines. It’s important to read through the terms and conditions of each. We partner with shipping companies to provide reduced rates, so buyers can save on shipping. This can help attract higher bids.
You will need to have access to a printer to print the shipping label and some tape to place it on your package. Then it’s ready to ship!
At the moment, you can do so with manual shipping. We are working on making it possible with smart shipping – we’ll let sellers know once this becomes available with both shipping methods.

We recommend shipping insurance so you’re covered if your object is lost, damaged or stolen in transit. With smart shipping, it’s easy to add smart shipping insurance when submitting your object or after your object is sold, and it only costs 1% of the final bid or buy now amount. 

We’ve partnered with an award-winning independent insurance partner who:

- Covers orders up to €10,000 without the usual exclusions for antiques and fragile objects (only vehicles are excluded).

- Is 20% cheaper and 20 days faster than insurance from shipping companies.

- Offers instant payment for approved claims

Learn more

If you use smart shipping and an issue arises, get in touch with us and we’ll investigate the issue with the shipping company on your behalf. That way, any problems can be resolved as quickly as possible. With manual shipping, you’ll need to get in touch with the shipping company yourself.
Shipping restrictions vary by shipping provider. As a general rule, flammable materials and illegal/prohibited items are not allowed. For large, bulky items, please opt for manual shipping instead. For more information on restrictions and dimension limits, please check with your chosen shipping provider(s).

Combined shipping is not currently possible with smart shipping. Please use manual shipping instead. More info on combined shipping can be found here.

We’re working on making it easy to ship objects internationally with smart shipping. For now, some sellers will see guidance on what info is needed for customs and how to add it. If you’re one of these sellers, you can add customs info directly on Catawiki and then all you need to do is print and ship!

We plan to make this available for all sellers soon, so stay tuned for updates.