Can I buy objects before the auction ends?

Yes, buy now is a way to make sure you get that special something without needing to follow the auction or wait until it ends. For objects with buy now available, you can buy right away.

When and where it’s available

Buy now is only available for some objects. Sellers can choose whether they’ll offer the buy now option for their objects.

For objects with buy now available, you’ll see this option on the object page near the bidding options.

Buy now is available until bids reach the reserve price or until 24 hours before the auction ends. 

How paying works

If you confirm that you’ll use buy now, you will be the buyer of that object and we’ll close bidding on the object. To keep our marketplace fair, buy now is binding. This means you’ll need to pay for objects you choose to buy. 

The sooner you pay for an object you’ve bought, the sooner it’ll be shipped to you. So we encourage you to pay as soon as possible. 

At the latest, you’ll need to pay within 3 working days of using the buy now option.

When other buyers use buy now

Keep in mind, the buy now option on an object will be available to everyone. So if you’re eager to get your hands on something, it’s a good idea to buy it early.

If an object you’re bidding on gets bought, we’ll let you know and suggest similar objects. 

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