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Hispania, Secobrices. AR Denarius, 120 - 30 a.C. - FAB 2173 rara

Hispania, Segobriga (Saelices, Cuenca). Denario AR (4 g, 18 mm). 120 - 30 B. C.
Obverse: male head facing right. Crescent behind the head, Iberian letter S underneath.
Reverse: rider with spear facing right, only one leg visible. Iberian legend SEKoBiRIKeS, last two letters together, above a line in exergue.
Ref.: FAB 2173 rare.

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Culture/region Hispania, Secobrices
Metal AR
Denomination Denarius
Year/Period and Variation 120 - 30 a.C. - FAB 2173 rara
Condition Ungraded