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Sell art and paintings on Catawiki

Find the perfect buyer for art and paintings on Catawiki, the leading online auction platform for your collection. Our dedicated team of experts is here to help you get the right price and reach a global audience of passionate buyers.

Why sell your pokémon cards on Catawiki
Transparent pricing
We charge a seller fee of 12.5% (excluding VAT) of the final bid value.
No sale, no fee
It's always free to submit your special object - you'll only pay the fee if it sells.
Expert guidance
Our experts make sure your special object is ready to sell for a great price.

How selling works with us

Selling on Catawiki is easy. All you have to do is create a free account to get started.

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1. Tell your object's story

Submit your object for expert review. Tell us what makes it special with photos and details in your description.

One of our experts will virtually review your object. If it meets our submission guidelines, it will be placed in an auction.
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2. Let us find the perfect buyer

There are more ways to sell on Catawiki with options to set a reserve price, sell multiple objects and even sell your entire collection.

Our experts help find the perfect buyer by placing special objects in the right weekly auction. Once the auction is live, all you have to do is watch the bids come in.

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3. Earn more with ease

We use a trusted payment system to collect the payment from the buyer, including the shipping costs.

Pack your special object with care, and send it to its new home. Once delivery is confirmed, payment will be released within three days.

Find the perfect buyer for your special objects on Catawiki

Special objects, selected by experts

What our experts do 

Virtually review submissions

Experts review submissions and remotely select only the best for auction. So your special object is always in good company. 

Assist with object presentation

Experts check that your object has all the details a buyer needs to bid so you can sell it for a price you’re thrilled with. 

Select the perfect auction

Experts make sure your special object is easy to find by placing it in the perfect auctions.

Find the perfect buyer for your art and paintings on Catawiki, or explore more categories: