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Beau Redmond (1983) - Dejan's Olympia Brass Band - Printed by Oxmoor Press, Birmingham, AL (USA)

Beau Redmond (1983) - Dejan's Olympia Brass Band - Printed by Oxmoor Press, Birmingham, AL (USA) The Olympia Brass Band is an American jazz brass band from New Orleans. Signed print. Some crisses on the print, due to limited folding


René Gruau - La Cigarette - 1983

René Gruau. The Cigarette. Original advertising poster. Offset. Printed on very delicate glossy paper, very small, almost imperceptible marks. 1983. Editione du Desastre. 60x80 cm. Shipped in a tube further reinforced on the outside. Please check the packaging very carefully when


Joan Miró - Affiche originale - Roland Garros - 1991

Joan Miro. Original poster for the Roland Garros tennis tournament - Paris - 1991. signed in the plate. Dimensions: 75 x 57 cm. Condition: A-, very good condition. Careful shipping, by Colissimo with tracking and insurance.


Fernando Botero (after) - Natura Morta con Le Journal (1989) - 1990s

Author: Fernando Botero Angulo (1932-2023) Title: Natura Morta con Le Journal (1989) Size: 99 x110cm. Copyright: BOTERO 1991, Published by LEM Milano and Edizioni Carte Segrete Roma - AD Andrea Rovatti. Printed in Italy. Fine art offset print made on thick 300g, high-quality


Ezio Giglioli - Squali Aquatic World - Edizioni Rizzoli - 1983

Original advertising poster. COATED OFFSET. Category: Nature, Fish. "Sharks - And Giglioli, Aquatic World" Aquatic World - Cattolica Dolphinarium - Nature Today, Rizzoli Editions. Year of publication: 1983. Print size approximately: 62x77 cm approx. Illustrator: Ezio Giglioli.


Keith Haring, (after) - Lucio Amelio - Italia 83 - 1990s

Artist: Keith Haring (after) Title: LUCIO AMELIO - ITALY 83. Exhibition poster printed in offset lithography on thick cardboard, after 1983. Signed in the printing plate on the lower right side. Size: 69 x 47 cm. This work is in good condition overall. Condition A. It will be


L. Baczewska - One Hundres and One Dalmatians, 1966, Poster no. 57, Official Limited Edition c.500, printed 2021

Poster designed by L. Baczewska wOne Hundres and One Dalmatians, 1966, Poster no. 57, Official Limited Edition c.500, printed 2021. Shipping secure and insured cartone tube


after Marc Lagrange - High Priestess - 2010s

Marc Lagrange - High Priestess. 2012. Dimensions 84.2 x 59.4 cm. Condition: excellent. Not available anymore. Marc Lagrange (Congo, 1957) lived and worked mainly in Antwerp, Belgium. Although his photos remind us of the great work of Helmut Newton or Peter Lindbergh, Lagrange


Andy Warhol - Muhammed Ali - Licensed Print. - Big Size

Offset big size lithograph: 80 x 60 cm. Copyright 2000 The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc. Signed with authorized legal serial footer. Thick paper - Impeccable - - - Totally new for framing. It is shipped in rigid or cardboard architecture type tube.


Andy Warhol, after - Queen Isabel II - Licensed Print. - Big Size

Big Size Offset Lithograph: 80x60 cm. #NicoNostalgica. Iron signature Andy Warhol. very exclusive, Copyright 2000 The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc. Signed with Authorized legal series footer. Thick Paper - Flawless - - - Brand new framing. Shipped in rigid tube


Tamara De Lempicka - "self portrait in green Bugatti" licensend by MMI NYC

Tamara De Lempicka. self portrait in green Bugatti licensed by MMI NYC. Poster on thick paper. like new. measures 80x60cm. Shipping with tracked tube. SHIPPING ONLY IN EUROPE


Christo (after) - The Gates - New York Central Park

Christo. 06/13/1935 - 05/31/2020. The Gates - New York Central Park. Color offset on strong paper - based on photography by Wolfgang Volz. 2005. Copyright Christo 2005, Published by Kunstverlag Schumacher GmbH, Düsseldorf No 18741. in good condition. Sheet size: 50.5 x 76.0 cm


Johannes Itten - Horizontal – Vertikal

Lithographic art print of Swiss artist Johannes Itten's work titled “Horizontal – Vertikal”, 1915. Licensed by Cosmopress, Genf. Printed on heavy paper in 1990 in Germany. Johannes Itten was a Swiss expressionist painter, designer, teacher, writer and theorist associated with


Roger Perot - Delahaye (1932er) - 1979

Exceptionally expressive advertising poster for DELAHAYE automobiles. An artistically demanding and impressive perspective. An absolutely striking, successful design. This very beautiful work by Roger Perot originally dates from 1932. On offer is an early, high-quality offset


René Gruau - Maserati Gruau 3

“Maserati. La tradizione italiana” (Italian tradition) Graphic design by René Grau. Shipping via DHL with insurance coverage.


Bruna - Miffy Rabbit y su bicicleta - license offset print

DICK BRUNA. Original lithograph on artistic paper of 200 g  Signed with copyright and footer of authorised legal series. Printed in Amsterdam (Holland) © Mercis BV from 1953-2005. Print dimension 50 x 50 cm. Completely new to be framed. It is shipped in tube, perfectly


after Vermeer - La Muchacha de la Perla - Big Size XL - license offset print

Offset Lithographic Poster- Original Licensed Print. Signed with Copyright and Authorized legal series footer. Printed in Firenze - Italy with license © 1990 FOTO SCALA. Sheet Size 80x60 cm. Thick 300gr paper. Completely new to frame. It is sent fully protected by certified mail


Antonio de Felipe - Audrey Hepburn - license poster - 2010s

Poster published by MAMAGRAF by the author Antonio de Felipe. Belonging to the CINEMASPOP collection of the Year 2002. With red background. Dimensions (approx.): 97x97cm. Good condition, some small imperfections from use, see photographs. It will be sent protected in a tube.


Anonymous - Carpeta Rolling Stones concierto 2016 lote cuatro pósters

Original folder containing the four original posters that were edited for this concert. The posters have dimensions of 70 x 50 cm The posters have original embossing stamps. Dimensions 70 x 50 cm Few folders should have been made and it is a souvenir and collector's edition.


Anonymous - Rolling Stones concierto Miami 2019 cartel original - 2010s

It measures 69x49. Good condition. Spectacular poster for the Miami concert. Represents the symbols of Florida, beach, surf, etc.


Bernard Villemot - Orangina, espumoso de zumo de naranja, villemot

Nice poster of the great French designer Bernart Villemot. It is very decorative especially for hospitality businesses such as bars and restaurants. Dimension 100 x 70 cm. #PastPresent90


Eduardo Chillida - Olympische Spiele München

It’s an original poster designed by the Spanish sculptor Chillida. It’s from 1972. It’s dimensions are 101 x 64 cm and it served as the poster for the 1972 Munich Olympics.


J.Erol (1941-2018) - Alien 1980 Nostromo, Poster No. 12, Official Limited Edition c.500, printed in 2017

Poster dwsigned by J. Erol Alienz 1980 Nostromo, Poster No. 12, Official Limited Edition c.500, printed in 2017


Mel Ramos aka Melvin John Ramos - Suzy Soep - 2010s

Offset lithografie by Melvin John Ramos beter know as the artist Mel Ramos (1935-2018). Original poster: On the occasion of the retrospective exhibition at the Kunsthaus Hannover in 2015. Artist: Mel Ramos. Title: Suzy Soep. Dimensions: 84 x 59cm (hxw) 33"x


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