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Grundig - STATOMA WK - Radio

Grundig radio from the 1960s/1970s, with cable


Grundig - Transonette 75 - Speaker

I decided to recover and transform vintage radios into home bluetooth speakers mono summed! I have replaced the old speakers with more performing models, while preserving the original look of the radio, so now from the old knob you can turn on the bluetooth amplifier and connect


Grundig - C-4000 automatic - Cassette Recorder-Player

Radio and cassette player. Tried to turn on with power, but nothing happened. May need service


Grundig - WK2502 - M/M/U/U/U - Din - 1971 Autoradio

As a competitor to Blaupunkt and Becker, this vintage GRUNDIG WeltKlang 2502 came onto the market in 1971. The Grundig was not only found in the more expensive versions of Mercedes, Audi or BMW, but also often in the Land Rovers/Volvos etc. of veterinarians/dentists because once


Grundig - TK 2200 - Portable Tape recorder



Grundig - Fine Arts V-12, CD-11 Solid state multi-channel receiver - Multiple models

Fine Arts music system by Grundig integrated amplifier V-12 and CD player CD-11. Both devices are brand new with their original box, original controls, original cables and original instruction manuals. They have only been tested and never been used. Grundig V-12 technical data.


Grundig - Autosuper Emden 7 - Volkswagen - FM + Din - 1978 Autoradio

An original powerful Grundig Emden 7 from 1978 with analogue channel search screen, neat buttons and push buttons. The Grundig Emden has been tested and has excellent reception on FM (U), the Medium Wave works but does not receive any channels in the Netherlands. Safe 2 FM


Grundig - Grundig - TK 745 - HIFI Stereo - Portable tape recorder

Vintage Grundig TK 745 hi-fi stereo tape recorder. Condition: in good working condition, coil strings have not been replaced. Hood is missing 2 corner push buttons and the bottom cover is also missing 1 push button. For further details see images. Registered mail.


Grundig - rr-1500 Radio

Very nice original 1980s radio with cassette player (boombox) Grundig RR-1500. Is in perfect condition. No damage and works perfectly. Like New! Completely functional, both the radio and both cassette players. Battery compartment clean, power cable also included. Length 50 cm.


Grundig - Stereo-Mixer 422 Analogue mixer

Vintage condition ''as new'' Grundig Stereo Mixer 422. With documents and original package. Never used, no damages, no scratches. Mint condition. 5 sliders: micro-micro/radio plate1_plate2-direction control-3level pre-control. 3 selection buttons for direction controller, 1


Grundig - Niki - Portable Tape recorder

Untested. Misses the front cover


Grundig - RF 245 1968 Radio

Sleek German design from 1968 through and through. A very nice Grundig RF 245, it looks particularly nice for its age. The cabinet is actually completely intact, without any missing corners or dirt in the paint. It works well, after about 10 seconds of warming up you can hear the


Grundig - Receiver R-11 / Cd-Player CD-12 - FineArts Audio component - Multiple models

Cult HiFi system Grundig FineArts - Receiver R-11 / CD-12. Good condition and works.


Grundig, Philips - 22RH781 e Flach Box 280 Radio - Multiple models

Radio Philips 22RH781 in excellent condition, like new. Tested and working. Includes 2 Grundig super-Hifi Flach Box 280 speakers - also in excellent condition. It will be packaged and shipped with great care and you will receive an email with all shipping details.


Grundig - Satellit 2000 World radio

Experience crystal clear sound and exceptional signal reception with the old Grundig 2000 satellite radio. Manufactured in the 1970s, this high-performance radio features advanced tuning features that allow you to easily access a variety of AM, FM and shortwave frequencies. Its


Grundig - 96 M Tube radio

Welcome! A tube radio from Grundig Model 96 M is offered. This vintage radio is not only a functional device, but also a nostalgic piece that captures the charm of bygone times. -Made in Germany. -Dimensions: height 20cm x width 36cm. -Stock number: LK 013. -in good overall


Grundig - YB-P 2000 - Porsche Design World radio

Design by F.A. Porsche. Unfortunately I lost the power supply, which you can get very cheaply at any electronics store. Please refer to the pictures to see the condition. It works perfectly and is looking for a new owner. Will be shipped insured and well packaged.


Grundig - RTV701A Set of audio equipment - Multiple models

Grundig stereo receiver RTV701A with Grundig Hifi Boxes 203M - Oak case - Germany - 1971-1973. Rare combination of the Grundig RTV 701A stereo receiver with the original Grundig Hifi 203M speakers. In perfect working condition and original manual. All in a beautiful oak case.


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Conferette - Unknown - Tape recorder

Untested. No cover and with mic


Pioneer - RT-909 - Multiple models - Portable Tape recorder

PIONEER RT909 IN EXCELLENT CONDITION. Four heads, 4 tracks, autoreverse, speeds 9.5 and 19 cm/s. This fully serviced tape recorder is a rare model with a universal transformer for input voltages. The original power supply cable is removed as too weak and IEC 16 connector for


Akai - GX-4400D Reel to reel deck 18 cm

Akai GX-4400D. Tape recorder. Rare and legendary tape deck from top brand AKAI from 1975. Tested for recording & playback, winding, etc. Comes with 2 Basf metal reels, 1 with tape (content and quality unknown). Specifications: Track system: 4-track, 2-channel, stereo/mono


Sansui - AU-α607 L Extra - Integrated amplifier

I sell a beautiful Sansui AU-α607L Extra integrated amplifier from my hifi collection in perfect working and very good visual condition. It has a few minor scratches but nothing to worry about. Since the alpha series was originally intended for the Japanese domestic market only


Sony - F470 - Integrated amplifier

Excellent performance amplifier, warm and powerful music. Cult object of the 90s


Brionvega - Radio Cubo Ts 502 Radio

Brionvega Radio Cubo Ts 502. 70's'


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