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Switzerland - Advanced Stamp Collection

See photos for a better look. You only receive what is in the photos. Sending by Colissimo. S103-15 (PR2)


World - Stock books according to description

World: A4 stock books in fair to good condition with stamps, blocks and postal items. Condition: Stamps, blocks XX/X/O - postal items mostly used. Photos: everything has been photographed, view the photos for a personal impression.


World - Music, superb theme around music

See photos for a better look. You only receive what is in the photos. Sending by Colissimo. Pi09-160.3 (14)


Belgium 1933 - COB 374 Big value Grande Orval 10F + 40F The Virgin Centering ++

Stamps 374 MNH** - Postal freshness, centering ++, full original gum. Superb stamp to complete your collection. Rating: €1090! See the scans/photos to form your own idea. Secure delivery with tracking


World - Marine Fauna: whales, seals, manatees, dolphins, orcas.

A beautiful, LARGE MNH collection of marine mammals : whales, orcas, dolphins, seals, sea lions and manatees. All different stamps, blocs and sheets. See the pictures for your own impression. Will be sent by registerd mail.


Belgium - 3 empty LINDNER albums with crystal windows

Belgium, 3 empty LINDNER albums with crystal windows. book 1 = 1957-1969. book 2 = 1970-1980. book 3 = 1981-1983. see photos for your own impression


Monaco 1983 - EUropa CEPT - sheet of 2 blocks numbered and dated - call number = 1,080 euros +++ - Yvert bloc n°25a

Numbered and dated sheet of 2 copies of non-serrated block n°25a. New with original gum without hinge. First choice. This is a rare presentation: these blocks normally only exist cut out. Yvert 2023 rating = 1,080 euros, only for ordinary non-serrated blocks.


Netherlands 1982 - Complete sheets - Speciale catalogus 2024

Sheet numbers 1260, 1261, 1262, 1263, 1264, 1265, 1266, 1267, 1268, 1269, 1271, 1272, 1273 and 1274. Will be sent by registered mail



Various stamps Belgium. New condition.


Austria 1958/1970 - 1000 stamps Austria Mi.No. 1093 "Karl-Marx-Hof, Vienna-Heiligenstadt" 5 x in a sheet of 200

Stamps 5 x 200 sheets from Mi.No. 1093, mint never hinged. 1000 pieces 50 groschen stamp with Karl-Marx-Hof, Vienna-Heiligenstadt. KW € 1000 + ANK 2023/24 (Austria special catalog) €0.90 for the single stamp, cheapest variant. 1000 x 0.90 = 900 + surcharge for entire sheet. All


Indonesia 1949 - Indonesia including Viennese Prints incl

Nice Party Indonesia. including Viennese Prints including MNH, nice quality. Overprint RISMI and. overprint Merdeka Djokjakarta July 6, 1949. 1 Dovo album with many nice stamps, most of the high value stamps in black clamp, strips MNH in the back, still empty pages from Dovo, 30


Romania 1866/1869 - Better lots of stamps with Prince Charles I from Michel No. 14y - No. 25

Offering 15 Romanian stamps with the likeness of Prince Charles I. The stamps are all in good to very good quality. No. 14 - 16y are unused and all others from the second stamp onwards. Mi. No. 16y - 25 are stamped. A very good post. Catalog value approx. €750. Condition of the


Netherlands 1982/2002 - 6 Albums Stamp folders

A total of 20 photos. Will be well packaged and shipped by registered mail, weight 10 kilos


Switzerland 1941/1946 - 2 PRO AERO letters to Finland - Michel

Switzerland 1941-1946 2 PRO AERO letters to Finland. See pictures for your own impression


France 1945 - luxury proof + strip 2 vignettes burelé berck

-luxury proof (large format) in relief embossed on bristol paper fine print of burelé berck. -band 2 vignettes aerial vignettes burelé berck new rubber without hinge and leaf edge. rare, good rating


Sweden 1964/1982 - Selection of stamp booklets - Blokken

Sweden 1964-1982. Tronföljd 1980 (succession to the throne) Set of 10 blocks. Set of 70 stamp booklets. MNH! See photos for your impression


France 1939/1940 - Full year - Yvert et tellier

Superb full years of 1939 and 1940. Lots of leaf edges. new without hinge. No. 419/450 and 451/469. Yvert rating 2024: €560. Look carefully at the scans which clearly reflect the entire lot.


China - People's Republic since 1949 - Extensive collection

nice lot in 3 albums from rustic to modern. everything was pictured. Happy bidding!


Belgium 1933 - COB 375A/376 Heraldic Lion pre-cancelled Rating €300

Stamps 375A/376 MNH** Rating: €300. See the scans/photos to form your own idea. Secure delivery with tracking


World 1910/1998 - Lot in 3 stock books + loose in 5 boxes in moving box

Mainly stamped. See photos for a good impression. Registered shipping worldwide. (7.69kg) FREE registered shipping to the following countries: Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Spain, Italy and Austria. For the rest, see “shipping costs”.


Liechtenstein 1924/1928 - complete collection of stamps - Yvert n°161/180

See photos for a better look. You only receive what is in the photos. possibility of defects. Sending by Colissimo. Pi11-443.22bis (81)


Accessories - 10 Leuchtturm stock albums with 32 white pages

10 Leuchtturm stock albums, unpadded and with double endpapers. . In the colors blue, red, green, brown and/or black. (the color of the albums may vary), in A5 format. Registered shipping, see the images for a good impression!


Switzerland 1924/1963 - Pro Juventute; the series from this period

See the scans. Registered shipping.


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