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Olympus Optical Co Ltd./Mouri Industries, Tokyo – Museale binoculaire laboratorium-microscoop EC met LSE-illuminator uit Rotterdamse Zuiderziekenhuis

Originating from the defunct Rotterdam Zuiderziekenhuis. Refined, high-quality optical instrument, manufactured around 1955. This microscope is equipped with an adjustable binocular tube for a set of 10x eyepieces and a turret with 4 objectives (4x/10x/40x/60x). Interchangeable


Meade Instruments Europ GmbH & Co KG, Rhede – Bresser Biolux 6-voudige studiemicroscoop Type NG tot 1.024x vergroting, met USB-camera

Extremely practical biological study microscope, specially developed for preparatory scientific education) from the last quarter of the last century. This instrument combines Chinese precision and ingenuity with German quality. The angled and 360 degree rotatable monotube offers


Sony DEV-5 0.8-10x kijker (inclusief accessoires en tas)

Sony DEV-5 = 0.8-10x (digital 20x) binoculars. Exmor R 3D. * This is a pair of binoculars. * These binoculars are very clean and as good as new. * These binoculars are in working condition. * These binoculars include charger, battery and cord. * These binoculars include a bag.


Euromex Holland, Arnhem (NL) – Professionele binoculaire microscoop Model SD voor driedimensionaal gebruik

This stereo or binocular microscope from 1976 is specially intended for studying small objects in depth and to perform manipulations and repairs on small objects. Unlike a transmitted light microscope, this instrument only has (electrical) object illumination from above. There


unbekannt 8X56 Field 65* No 1798

Old large binoculars rubberized with leather carrying strap, marked with manufacturer* 8x56 Field 65* No 1798* maybe Optolyth??, line scale on a front glass, collectors can probably find out who the manufacturer is by the number, condition really good, optics and lens are in good


Loupe - Heine Loupebril 2.5 x | Horlogemaker Loupe

Loupe glasses from the German brand Heine. With extra glasses to attach the loupe to + extra cord, mounting and accessories. See photos for better description. Medical device for dentists, among others. No damage to the loupe or glasses (glasses can be replaced). Will be


Carl Zeiss Jena, Maifeng Carl Zeiss Jena Silvarem 6x30 + MaiFeng 20x50mm

Carl Zeiss Jena Silvarem 6x30. Good picture. Binocular has signs of use. Glassware is scratch-free, but there are some dust particles inside. MaiFeng 20x50mm 168FT / 1000Yds 56m / 1000m. Good, almost new condition, glassware is scratch-free


Telescope - Stein optik Coated lens 30x60mm

Well maintained with a small scratch documented by photos. Weight approximately 1 kg. 30x26x21 cm. Metal alloys. Gray 8. Cheaper express courier shipping at the end of the auction


sans marque trepied télescopique Tripod

old wooden telescope tripod. length not unfolded 86 cm. unfolded: 145 cm. 1800g


Binoculars - subal clover fully coated & voigtlander dynaret 8 x 32 japan j/b151 en voigtlander dynaret 7 x 17

2 super good and sharp binoculars. nice in the hand. subal clover is fully coated. and like new. subal clover japan j/b 151. 8 x 32 field 7.5 no 19844. in the original leather case. and Voigtlander Dynaret 7 x 17 silver. handy take-along viewer. with leather bag. photos are part


Meade ETX-70 - Astronomische telescoop

The lot consists of a Meade ETX-70 telescope in very good condition. Works properly, see also the photos. The weight is approx. 3 kg. The lot will be well packaged and sent by registered mail.


Binoculars - Orinox 7x20 Fernglas + 110 Film Kamera

Orinox 7x20 binoculars + 110 film camera - telephoto Orinox 5.6 112mm it is good condition and tested Fully working! Please check each photo carefully, This is a used item, so traces of time are present.


Binoculars - Swarovski Habicht 7x42 Fernglas

Swarovski Optik Habicht 7x42, Seriennr. 1730598, gebrauchter Zustand, mit Riemen und oberer Abdeckung


Loupe - Patek Philippe Loupe

Great collector's item, not available at jewellers. Great value for collectors of luxury products. Very rare, perfect for a desk or office. - Low reserve price. - 100% original Patek Philippe product. - From Patek Philippe of Geneva, Switzerland. - Very rare. - Authenticity


Monocular - KOMZ Kazan Sovjet Vintage USSR monoculaire MP 8:30, Sovjet-optica, zeldzame verrekijkers

Excellent condition. Russian MN (Komz) 8x30 Monocular. Very clear and sharp vision through fully coated lenses. Made in the USSR, serial number 7901458. Comes with small carrying case and leather strap.


Telescope - Celestron Astro Master 130EQ

New optical telescope, never used, never opened, still packaged in the original box. Original box slightly worn by time. The telescope has never been opened and has never been used. Purchased in 2016 and kept in the cellar for 7 years. The components are still packaged.


Tiffen Filtri Tiffen 3"x3" Movie camera

Case containing 11 TIFFEN 3 inch x 3 inch cinema filters for complete control of brightness and BN. They can be mounted on the Arri Arriflex Eclair Aaton compendium and on any other 3x3 filter holder. 01-Tiffen ND 0.3. 02-Tiffen ND 0.6. 03-Tiffen ND 0.9. 04-Tiffen 3N5. 05-Tiffen


Bolex Paillard H16 Movie camera

Vintage Paillard-Bolex H 16 Movie Camera. Capture a piece of cinematic history with this vintage Paillard-Bolex H 16 Movie Camera, a true classic in the world of filmmaking. While this camera shows signs of age with some surface rust and has not been tested with film, it remains


Leica Summicron-M 2/90 mm.

Excellent Very Bright Leica Objective in perfect condition


Panasonic NV-GS11 - Video camera/recorder Mini DV-DV

24x zoom, 24x36 photo equivalent of 40 MM wide angle. Very good image quality. Micro zoom. Microphone and headphone jacks. Mini torch. Usb2. Glasses cover. Charger and battery included. 2 new mini cassettes included. Battery life 120 min, 0.8 million pixels. Target 1/6. DV


Helios 44-2 F2/58mm Anamorphic Cinema Mod | Anamorphic lens

The Soviet Helios 44-2 2/58mm Anamorphic Cinema Mod Camera Lens is a unique and versatile lens that delivers stunning cinematic quality with amazing image resolution. Its anamorphic look design gives filmmakers more creative freedom when capturing their movies. This lens has an


Leitz Wetzlar Leitz Elmar M 90mm 1:4 4/90 für for Leica M

Leitz ELMAR 4/90 mm, No. 1271440, with bayonet for Leica M! Very good and fully functional condition. The glass is very clear and free of scratches or glass fungus! The aperture can be adjusted perfectly and is clean! and fat-free! The outside of the frame only shows slight


Samyang Optics 85mm T1.5 AS IF UMC II Cine Lens (Nikon F)

Samyang (Rokinon) 85mm T1.5 AS IF UMC II Cine Lens (Nikon F) wide angle lens is in good condition without any scratches on the glass. With box, front, and rear cap. The lens body has got minimal signs of early usage. The lens is Nikon F (DSLR) Mount. You can use this lens on


Tamron AF 28/200 mm, F3.8-5.6 LD (MK1)

Tamron AF 28/200mm zoom lens, LD aspherical that can also be used on full frame cameras .... excellent quality / price ratio and interesting to use as the only lens to carry thanks to its good focal range .... Nikon attachment ... Lens hood and cap are also present


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