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Antique shell souvenir box - Jewellery box (2) - Wood, mother of pearl, mirror glass, cardboard

Two beautiful antique boxes covered all around with shells. The rectangular box has a mirror glass interior lid and back wall and nice blackened ball feet. Some small defects on the side walls. View the photos for a good impression. Beautifully made souvenir objects. Dating from


Senshukai - Figurine - Royal Pet - (5) - Wood

Set of 5 wooden birds Kokeshi. (W.Pecker, Parrot, Condor, Penguin, Ostrich) . In the 1960s ~ 70s, Senshukai sold different kinds of animals which were sent every month. Using Scandinavian design as a sample, Kokeshi craftsmen handmade each item one by one. Cherry wood is used


Bronzen Beelden - Winkel - Marius Verhagen - Sculpture, Intiem - 31.5 cm - Bronze (patinated)

Beautiful love image with the title: 'Intimate' I placed it separately on a marble base, you can now decide for yourself whether you want to use it. This sculpture symbolizes: Love, Dependence, Affection, Bonding and Loyalty.


baroque frame with angel (1) - Alabaster, Wood

Baroque style wooden picture with angel in the center in alabaster.



Unique and heavy bronze statue, with monogram, of a boy with his skateboard on the skating rink. Designed by: 'Astrid Koppen' Beautifully finished in detail.


Issouf Derme - Sculpture, Hippo - 10 cm - Bronze

Bronze sculpture represent Hippopotamus. Shipping with insurance.


Abdoulaye Derme - Sculpture, Femme - 30 cm - Bronze

Bronze representing a Woman. Made in bronze by bronze artist from Burkina Faso. #summernoreserve.


Figurine - Dansende vrouw - 48 cm - Marble, optical fiber

Beautiful contemporary colorful artwork of a standing, dancing woman. Woman bust. The colorful bust is made of fiberglass and stands on a beautiful stone base. A real power girl with the following dimensions (+/-): Height: 48cm / 19.2" Width: 32cm / 12.8" All our products are


Issouf Derme - Sculpture, Wouah & Wouah - 27 cm - Patinated bronze

Bronze sculpture representing a Fox Dog. Made in bronze by bronze artist from Burkina Faso. Shipping with insurance.


Figure - statue angel on sphere with finish in flower motif - (1) - metal

statue angel on sphere with finish in flower motif (1) - cast metal rusty. angel on ball with floral pattern. beautiful in patina and finish, almost a work of art. View the photos and this speaks for itself in your garden. a beautifully cast statue in rusty metal. color in


Figure - large sculpture sitting pig ( - (1) - Iron (cast)

large sculpture sitting pig (1) - metal. beautiful garden statue in cast metal sitting pig. has a weight of 6 kilos. is in excellent condition, beautiful patina, rusty and will improve with age. the years of being outside. ideal garden statue or decor item. photos speak for


Statue, metal statue of a kneeling fairy - 26 cm - Iron (cast)

a beautiful statue in cast metal. dreaming fairy. rusty patina becomes even more beautiful with age. is in fine condition. height 26 cm. at 20 and 16.50 cm. weight 4.1 kg. will be shipped with care


Sculpture, Leopard Bozo - 52 cm - Wood, Pigment

Sculpture representing a Leopard in hardwood & Pigment. Shipping with insurance.


Statuette, set of 2 metal hedgehogs - 8 cm - Iron (cast)

a beautiful set of 2 hedgehogs in cast metal. rusty patina. become even more beautiful with age. in good condition. dimensions 8/10 by 15 cm. Will be shipped neatly packaged


Statue, statue of a rabbit in costume with pipe in cast metal - 24 cm - Iron (cast)

statue of a rabbit in costume with pipe in cast metal (1) - metal. image with appearance, see finish and details. rabbit in costume and with smoking pipe. is made of cast metal. patina rusty. is in fine condition. height 24 cm by 13 and 16 cm. will be shipped safely and well


Sculpture, The first wild - 28 cm - Bronze, Marble

Beautiful bronze sculpture of a lion with three cubs. Bronze artwork of wild animals in excellent condition. Will be well packaged and shipped with insurance.


Figurine - Liggend luipaard - cheetah - Porcelain

An incredibly beautiful piece. A lying leopard, made of high quality porcelain. A beautiful hand painted piece with the following dimensions (+/-): Height: 19 cm. Width: 40 cm. All our products will be properly packaged and shipped by insured post.


Relief, Nativité - 24 cm - Wood

Bas Relief hand carved in wood and pigment. Shipping with insurance.


Figurine - Marble, Optical fiber

Beautiful contemporary designed sculpture of an abstract woman. Beautiful piece, radiates strength and power. Made of fiberglass on a black stone base. The dimensions are as follows (+/-): Height: 67cm / 26.8" Width: 27cm / 10.8" All our products are well packaged and shipped


Sculpture, Taurus - schaakpatroon - 24 cm - Glass

A beautiful glass sculpture of a bull in black and white in abstract form. Chess pattern. This sculpture has the following dimensions: Height: 15 cm. Length: 24 cm. All our products are well packaged and shipped with insurance.


Sculpture, A Father's Love - 25 cm - Terracotta

A early 20th Century Terracotta sculpture on wooden stand. Asian work of art in perfect conditions. Providing professional packaging shipping with UPS tracked and signed.


Box, Jewellery box (4) - Bone, Mother of pearl, Velvet, Wood (Mahogany)

Jewelery boxes handcrafted from a variety of high quality wood. with mother of pearl and bone velvet interior please look at the photos for a careful view. Measurements 70/70/50 mm. 120/120/55mm. 120/80/60 mm. 125/85/50 mm. Track freight. (note) does not ship to all islands


Figure - Uil - Iron (cast)

A beautiful sculpture depicting an owl. Beautifully abstract design. Decorative artwork for indoors or outdoors. The dimensions are as follows per piece (+/-): Height: 41 cm. Length: 17 cm. All our products are well packaged and shipped with insurance.


Boxes, Jewellery box (3) - Bronze, Wood

Hand-cut wood and bronze jewelry box. Sizes available. 180/120/105mm. 180/135/120 mm. 215/115/105 mm. Track freight. (note) does not ship to all islands


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