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Montenegro 1941 - 0.25 dyn. with overprint on the horse and also on the margin - Sassone 1haa

Catalog €675


Montenegro 1942 - 1.50 dinars overprinted LIRE. The key value of the series - Sassone 41

Catalog €1000


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Related objects

Spain 1850/1850 - Isabel II With a well-focused opinion - Edifil 6

1850 Isabel II Edifil 5 Used With C.M.F. opinion. Nice stamp with its four margins. (the stamp has a slight horizontal bend)


Ruanda-Urundi 1916 - Issue 1916 "Tombeur" with imprint RUANDA + Urundi - Study lot forgeries - OBP 10B

Type TOMBEUR. All with false printing


Belgian Congo 1887 - Independent State of Congo - Leopold II - 50Fr Gray - UNPUTTED - OBP 13B-ND

See photo for a good impression of the stamp


Belgian Congo 1887 - Independent State of Congo - Leopold II - 10fr Geeloker - OBP 13

OBP 2024: 900 EUR + Centrage. Gum folding. See photo for a good impression of the stamp


Belgium 1905 - Leopold II "Grove Baard" - Sheet block of 15 with edge inscriptions "Depot 1911" & "Atelier du - & Velnummer - OBP 75

OBP 2023: 2,100 EUR + Added values center and block. See pictures


World 1920/1970 - Mostly MNH, if stamped usually very carefully done.

From an estate: Fil-I-Safe stock album with international sports stamps. Mostly stamps from the Olympic Games, but also from various sports. Theme collection. Added is a Japanese souvenir sheet with the stamps issued by Japan in one sheet with the Olympic logo.


Italian Ancient States - Sardinia - Sardinia IV issue - Sassone 13d/13e /Ae

Sassone catalog 3550 euros


German occupation editions "Flemish Legion" 1943 - Flemish Legion, complete set with "Imprint 'Flugzeug & 1943'" on field post cover - Michel Nr. V-VII mit Fotoattest Caffaz

Immaculate and perfect condition. The complete set of CTO on Feldpostbrief. Certificate Caffaz, “genuine & flawless” Front and back are shown, see scans. Catalog value: € 800 (Michel 2022, only stamp value calculated for courtesy stamps) We always send by registered


Spain 1944/1945 - Edifil nº SH NE25/NE26 + SH NE29/NE30

Complete S/H series of Barcelona City Council from the years 1944-1945. (Stamps from the block sheets). Edifil catalog number: SH NE 25/26 + SH NE 29/30. New without fixing. Typical tires of this issue. Some with the slightest shadow of time. Edifil 2018 catalog value: €249.


Netherlands 1867/1872 - Puntstempels, plaatfouten en poststukken

Collection of dot stamps on third issue, some plate errors on NVPH 26 and only postal items with destruction stamp, departure stamp and arrival stamp. Varying quality


Netherlands 1923 - Government jubilee Wilhelmina - NVPH 130

See scans for a good impression. 2 1/2 Golden Government Jubilee, black-brown. Catalog value €275 (NVPH 2024) Will be shipped within the Netherlands with Track & Trace. Registered shipping abroad.


Suriname 1997 - Blok kinderpostzegels met variatie: volledig ongetand - Zonnebloem 960

See the images for a good impression. With a single small gripping point. This lot will be sent by registered mail.


Suriname 1993 - Uil met variatie: volledig ongetand en roze/zwarte druk - Zonnebloem 756

See the images for a good impression. Both stamp 10 with sheet edges from the sheet a 100, both with a small paper crease. This lot will be sent by registered mail.


Netherlands 1869/1871 - Rijkswapen - NVPH 13/18

Series complete, with NVPH 13 in pair. With defects including tinted. See photos for your own impression. The stamps are sent with T&T.


Netherlands 1905 - Queen Wilhelmina 'Fur Collar' - NVPH 80


Belgium 1914/1916 - First 2 series of occupation stamps : German occupation of Belgium - OBP/COB OC1/9 + 10/25

The first scan shows the entire lot. The other scans show more details. List value: € 1,650.00 (OBP 2024), more than 12% more than in OBP 2023. Registered shipping.


Netherlands 1876/1894 - Queen Wilhelmina and Number Stamps - NVPH 30/33 + 34/47

See scans for a good impression. Catalog value €410 (NVPH 2024) Will be shipped within the Netherlands with Track & Trace. Registered shipping abroad.


Indonesia 1967 - Muziekinstrumenten, ongetande stroken van vijf

See images


Netherlands 1969/1972 - Koningin Juliana 'Regina' in complete vellen - NVPH 952/958

You can view the photos for a good impression. Registered shipping


Belgium 1883 - Leopold II - issue of 1883 - OBP/COB 38/41

The first image shows the entire lot. The other photos show more details. The smallest value is MNH. OBP 39 and 40 have a light hallmark and OBP 41 is signed (inspected). Furthermore, the two largest values in particular are well centered (additional value of 150%). List value:


Netherlands 1869 - National coat of arms - NVPH 14

Unused with original gum and adhesive residue. See the scans. List value €370.00 (NVPH 2023). Registered shipping.


France 1945 - Pocket of St Nazaire, war stamp - Yvert n°8

See photos for a better look. You only receive what is in the photos. Catalog value: €200 (Yvert 2020). Sending by registered mail. PI09-290.10 (9)

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