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Märklin H0 - 2920 - Starter set (1) - Steam locomotive BR 89 with 2 associated wagons - DB

A steam locomotive, two wagons, 12 curved and 2 straight rails, and a transformer make a complete set that you can get started right away. These types of train sets are popular, especially a tour under the Christmas tree. Tested and working. See the photos for an impression.


Märklin H0 - uit set 29532 - Tender locomotive (1) - BR 86, Digital with Telex couplings - DB

Heavy tank locomotive series Br86 DB. FX Digital with telex coupling. Company no. 86-130. Telex, acceleration/braking delay and max. speed can be controlled digitally. Beautiful undamaged locomotive in virtually new condition. Locomotive has been tested and works properly. Please


Märklin H0 - 43868 - Model train passenger carriage (1) - WGmh 824 With realistic disco elements - DB

Märklin H0 - 43868 Passenger carriage With realistic disco elements. Color scheme: ocean blue/ivory. Carriage is in new condition! In original packaging, with figures. Marklin description: Model: With digital mfx decoder. Sound functions via microSD card. Standard built-in


Märklin, 4MFOR H0 - 48733 - Model train freight carriage (1) - Heavy duty wagon with load 4MFOR Eurotrain

Märklin H0 - 48733 Heavy duty wagon with load 4MFOR Eurotrain. The wagons are in new condition, complete in original packaging. Will be well packaged and shipped quickly with PostNL. See the photos for a nice impression, also part of the description.


Märklin H0 - 47051.004 - Model train freight carriage (1) - Carrier with Van den Bosch tank containers - Holland Rail Container B.V.

Finely detailed container wagon with three tank containers with print of Van Den Bosch.com. The set is in mint condition in its entirety. Please examine the photos carefully.


Märklin H0 - 6647/6631 - Train set (2) - Transformers 30 and 32VA

2-part Märklin Kovolut with transformers consisting of: 1 x Märklin 6647 transformer 32A 230 volts. PRI 230V 50/60HZ. SEC 32 VA Max. 2A IP 40. O-L 16V. O-B 4-16/24V. 1 x Märklin 6631 transformer with Prim/Sec automatic switch T25/E. Pr. 220 volts. 50HZ Sec 30VA. O-L:16 V.


Märklin H0 - 43237 - Model train passenger carriage set (1) - "Rheingold" set - DB

The Märklin 43237 "Rheingold" is a carriage set consisting of 4 carriages of the German Federal Railroad from Era III; a 1st class carriage type A4üe-38/52, a restaurant carriage type WR4ü-39 of the DSG, a 1st/2nd class carriage type AB4üwe-39/52 and a 2nd class carriage type


Märklin H0 - 37133 - Tender locomotive (1) - 2-piece set with "heizlok" and heating chimney (built)

Company number: 118. 3-axle powered. Front lighting according to direction of travel. Digital MFX. Set comes with heating chimney (built) Tested and working. Photos are part of the description. Locomotives have 1 month warranty after purchase. At defective return within 1 month


Märklin, Primex H0 - 3017/4019 - Train unit (3) - 4-piece S-Bahn train set BR 275 - BVG Berlin

Primex, Märklin H0 - 3017/4019 - Train unit - 4-piece S-Bahn train set BR 275 - BVG Berlin. Tested and working. Powered on 2 axles. S-Bahn, BR 275 343-2, still very popular in Berlin. The color scheme is iconic for the S-Bahn in Berlin. 1x 3017 2-piece set S-Bahn. 1x 4019


Märklin H0 - 4748 - Model train freight carriage (3) - Three four-axle gas tank wagons "BP GAS" - DSB

Three four-axle gas tank wagons "BP GAS" of the DSB. -3x gas tank wagon (4748) company number: 79 14 407-5. All three cars are in very good condition. All buffers/steps and gates are present. Minimal discoloration of 2 tanks. Delivery in the original packaging. Shipping with


Märklin Z - o.a. 8734 - Passenger carriage - 6x 4-axle TEE express train carriages, including panoramic carriages - DB

Märklin Z - including 8734 - Passenger carriage - 6x 4-axle TEE express train carriages, incl. panoramic carriages - DB. 2x 4-axle express train dining cars in TEE livery, red/cream. 2x 4-axle express train seating cars in TEE color scheme, red/cream. 2x 4-axle express train


Märklin H0 - 4852/94490/47700/46099-02 - Model train freight carriage (5) - 5 freight wagons - DB Cargo, NS, SBB-CFF

Miscellaneous container wagons, 5 pieces in total. 4852 SBB wagon equipped with an SBB container. 94490 3 rail forum wagon (2 pieces) equipped with 2 forum containers, no certificate available. 47700 DB cargo wagon equipped with 2 Hellmann containers. 46099-02 SBB wagon equipped


Märklin H0 - 4610 - Model train freight carriage (5) - 5x 2-axle bottom/self-unloaders - DB

Märklin H0 - 4610 - Model train freight wagon (5) - 5x 2-axle under/self-unloaders - DB. 5x 2-axle bottom/self-unloaders, brown. With 2 wagons there is fly rust on the buffers and rods. 1 wagon has black paint. 1 wagon with load. 1 wagon interior paint damage. Photos are part of


Märklin H0 - 48541 - Model train freight wagon set (1) - Tank wagon set - NMBS

Marklin HO 48541. - Tank wagon set. - 2 old Belgian tank wagons for transporting fuel oil. The photos are part of the description. Insured and secure shipping.


Märklin H0 - 322.3 - Model train freight carriage (1) - covered wagon

Covered wagon 322.3 made of cast iron (manufactured in 1950 and 1951): - Brake cab without brake spindle. - Bow couplings BK 5. - without brake shoes. - original tarpaulin. - good condition with signs of aging and wear. In the original box. The photos give a good impression and


Märklin H0 - 46282 - Model train freight carriage (3) - 3 stake wagon with wood load - K.Bay.Sts.B

3 x Art. No. 46282 HO stake wagon with wood load from K.Bay.Sts.B. Elegant stake wagon with brakeman's cab. Loaded with 2 different stacks of cut timber and planks of real wood. Stanchions are removable. Filigree imitation of the lattice bogies and draw gear. Double spoke wheels.


Märklin H0 - 48031/48033 - Model train freight carriage (2) - 2 Freight wagons Large volume - DB

Märklin HO - 48031/48033 - two large volume sliding wall wagons - DB. 1x Sliding wall wagon type Habins, 83 80 278 3 203-2 "Volkswagen Audi" 1x Sliding wall wagon type Habis, 83 80 275 5 728-2 "Railship" Photos are part of the description


Märklin H0 - 3031.1 - Tender locomotive (1) - Series 81 with TELEX couplings, Digitized - DB

Märklin 3031.1, tank locomotive, construction series 81 of the DB, black, 4-axles, axle layout D, all-metal body, embossed inscriptions "Märklin" on one side and "3031" on the other side, company number "81004" embossed on all four sides, front and rear each with 3 front lights,


Märklin, Primex H0 - o.a. 4552/4664 - Model train freight carriage (6) - 6x 2-axle container carriers with load and imprint of, among others, "Hapag LLoyd" - DB

6x 2-axle container carriers with cargo and print "Hapag LLoyd", "Scandutch" and "DB", various colors. Tested and working. Photos are part of the description. Locomotives have 1 month warranty after purchase. At defective return within 1 month from Netherlands free of charge.


Märklin H0 - 41872 - Model train passenger carriage (1) - TEE express train passenger car PBA - NMBS

Märklin 41872 TEE express train passenger car PBA. Inox carriage (made of stainless steel) for the Trans Europ Express between Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam. Salon car A8tuj of the Belgian Railways. Carriage 1st class. year of construction from 1964. Used on the trains "Oiseau


Märklin Z - Train set (5) - Construction train (BR89 and four wagons) - DB

The construction train is in a used but good condition and is composed as follows: 1 steam locomotive BR89 (8800) 1 freight train baggage car (8609) 2 low side cars (8610) 1 crane truck (8621) They are complete and functional. The couplings are in good working order and they


Märklin H0 - 314E.5 - Model train freight carriage (1) - Esso 2-axle tank wagon - DB

Märklin H0 - 314E - tank wagon ESSO with silver boiler. version 5 from 1952-54 with BK5 and brake pads. The car is in very good to almost new condition, in original packaging (good condition) Also see the photos, which are part of the description, for a better impression


Märklin H0 - 3309 - Tender locomotive (1) - BR 85, with Telex coupling - DB

Märklin H0 - 3309 - Tender locomotive - BR 85 - DB. Company number: 85 007. The headlights change direction of travel. The locomotive has a black color scheme with a red chassis and red spoke wheels. Very richly finished in details. Only runs digitally. address 13. F1 telex front


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