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© Sébastien Bordes - République naturelle

Imagine Currency- a charitable initiative led by the think tank CashEssentials, supported by the International Banknote Designers Association (IBDA) and the photography website Wipplay, shows the highly evocative and stunning imagery present on a banknote landscape.

Sébastien Bordes made "République naturelle" for the contest « Imagine Currency » which invited participants to create the banknote of a fictive currency that would aim to have a positive impact on the world. This design has been awarded jury's favorite amongst the 600 global participations.

The design is printed on authentic banknote polymer substrate and accompanied by a high-security certificate of authenticity. 100% of the proceeds from the auction will be donated to Go Give One campaign run by the WHO Foundation to purchase COVID-19 vaccines for the most vulnerable and under-vaccinated countries.

Objet Photographie
Artiste © Sébastien Bordes
Titre de l’œuvre République naturelle
Technique Photo montage
Signature Non signé(e)
Année 2021
Époque 2010-aujourd'hui
Dimensions totales 530×530×700 mm
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