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Catawiki is the perfect platform to sell model trains online. Here are just a few of the many lots currently offered in our Model Trains auction.

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The commission fee for sellers is 12.5% of the winning bid, excluding VAT. Commission fees are used for extensively promoting our auctions. Your lots will be promoted in several ways: through online advertisements, social media, emails and print advertising, to name a few.
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Catawiki will promote your lots via multiple online advertising platforms - Google, Facebook, and our partner network of blogs and themed websites.

What Can I Sell at Catawiki’s Model Train Auctions?
Achieve the most success from being a seller on Catawiki by submitting high-quality and special model trains for auction. Some model trains that are in high demand include Märklin H0 trains in boxes from before 1970, locomotives and command stations from the brand ESU, all kinds of Z Gauge material including rolling stock and tracks, and N Gauge rolling stock, especially from the 90s and later.
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How can I tell if my objects are suitable for Catawiki?
Whatever your special objects are, our auctioneers would be happy to review them for inclusion in our auctions. All lots must have a minimum estimated value of €75. This is because our buyers come to Catawiki in search of something not only out of the ordinary, but also of value. If you want to offer up objects with lower estimated values, we suggest to group them and sell them as a collection.
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