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Can I pay shipping for just one package if I buy different objects from the same seller?

In some cases, yes. Check the shipping details of the object you’re interested in to see if the seller offers combined shipping. 

You can find these details under the ‘Show more’ option right below the shipping costs. It looks something like this:

It’s possible to combine shipping if all of the following apply:

  • All objects won are sold by a single seller

  • The seller offers combined shipments 

  • All objects were won in the same auction on the same day

If all these conditions are met, you’ll only have to pay the highest of the two shipping costs at checkout. This will be adjusted by our system automatically.

Before paying, make sure all objects from the same seller you’re bidding on were successfully won and that the auction has ended. We can’t retroactively combine shipments.

If these criteria don’t apply, please pay for the objects you won and contact the seller to discuss any further shipping options. . 

Please note that shipping companies charge postage based on weight and volume. This means that even if multiple objects can be shipped together, it may not be possible for a seller to reduce shipping costs.

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