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I can't sign in. What should I do?

If you are having some trouble whilst logging into your account, we would like to suggest the following checklist to ensure that everything is set up correctly. Some or all of these may not be applicable to your situation, and we would like to ensure that they are checked beforehand.

  1. Ensure your account is activated - In order to activate your account, you will need to click on the link in the confirmation email you received from us when signing up.
  2. Remember that your password is case sensitive. - Make sure CAPS LOCK on your keyboard is turned off, and that you give attention to the spelling of your password. 
  3. Delete cookies - Sometimes if you change your password, your web browser may have stored your old login credentials, and attempt to use them when you try to access your account, causing an issue. If this is the case, please ensure you either update your stored password, or delete your cookies and login again.

If, after taking these steps, you continue to experience issues, we kindly ask that you contact us and provide the following information. This will help us with identifying any issues, and forward the report along to our development team where necessary. 

  1. When did you first experience the issue and was it working normally before?
  2. Describe the steps you took which resulted in this issue. Please be as specific as possible. Include which link you used, which action results in the issue, or if there's an error message
  3. Which device, browser and operating system are you using to access the Catawiki website? Please specify your device type (PC, laptop, mobile, tablet, etc.). You can check your browser and operating system here 
  4. Do you experience the same problem with accessing the Catawiki website via a different device?
  5. Please provide us with a screenshot that illustrates the issue you are encountering. You can check how to make a screenshot on your device here

Furthermore, if you have broken any of the rules within our Terms & Conditions, your account may be suspended. 

If this is the case, please note that you are no longer permitted access to the account. You would have received a message to the email address linked to the account in question, outlining the reasoning behind this decision. 

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