My order was cancelled but I still have to pay the Buyer Protection fee. Why is this?

On Catawiki, all bids are binding. This is stated in our Terms of Use and is something you agree to when you create your account. If your order has been cancelled because you didn’t pay in time, the seller is permitted to re-sell their object in a new auction and you’ll be charged the Buyer Protection fee. Your account might be restricted until this fee is paid.

To pay the outstanding amount, sign in to your account and navigate to your Orders page under the ‘Unpaid’ tab and select the outstanding fee. As soon as this fee is paid, any restrictions on your account will be lifted, and you’ll be able to place bids again. 

Currently it is only possible to pay for these outstanding fees via the web version of our platform.

If you wish to delete your Catawiki account, you’ll need to pay any outstanding fees before doing so.

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