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I've paid for my object. Why haven't I received it yet?

You can check the order page for updates on when your order should arrive. You'll see a shipping status and an estimated delivery date. 

You can also track the order on the shipping company’s website using the tracking code you’ll find on the order page.

Before the estimated delivery date

If it's before the estimated delivery date range, your order is still being packed or is on the way. 

Keep in mind, some orders can take longer than others. It depends on where the package is shipped from, where it's shipped to and whether it needs to go through customs.

Throughout the shipping process, we'll keep you updated, either through notifications or emails. If there's a change to the estimated delivery date, we'll let you know. You'll find the updated estimated delivery date in the notification or email, and on the order page.

Up to 5 days after the estimated delivery date

We'll send you an email or notification if it's after the estimated delivery date range and we don't have any updates from the shipping company.  

If the order hasn't arrived, there's nothing you need to do for the 5 days that follow the estimated delivery date range. Some orders can take a little longer and we expect it to arrive soon.

You can also check the shipping company’s website for updates on the order or contact the shipping company for more info.

More than 5 days after the estimated delivery date

We'll email you or send a notification when it's time for you to take action. Contact us to get support if the order hasn't arrived and it's more than 5 days after the estimated delivery date range. We'll open a claim and pause the payment to the seller while we investigate.

Make sure you get support as soon as possible. If we don't hear from you 10 days after the estimated delivery date range, we'll assume the order was delivered and pay the seller.

Message the seller

We recommend you message the seller throughout the process. They arranged shipping and can reach out to the shipping company to ask about your order.

Find out what to do if your object arrived damaged or not as described

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