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Why is my Seller Account suspended or restricted?

Subject to Article 7 of our Seller Terms, we may (i) suspend your pay-out or refund, withhold your payment or offset any financial claim we have towards you with a financial claim you have towards us and/or (ii) restrict, suspend or terminate your account in any of the following circumstances (the below summary is not exhaustive but we will inform you via email about the grounds of our measure(s) prior to or on the date of the restriction or suspension taking effect):

If you violate our Terms of Use by e.g.:

  • Not providing us with accurate bank, contact, or identification information upon our first request.
  • Copyright infringement.
  • Offering fake items.
  • (Suspected) shill bidding or fun bidding.
  • (Suspected) fraud.


If you violate any national or international laws or regulations regarding e.g.:

  • Fraud.
  • Money laundering.
  • You are present on a sanctions list (e.g. OFAC).


If you or a third party harm our reputation and/or business or those of other users and/or third parties by e.g.:

  • Maintaining an inappropriate store name.
  • Having a too high dispute ratio with other users.
  • Refusing to deliver a lot to the winning buyer after receipt of payment.
  • Being uncooperative or unresponsive to our experts and/or Customer Experience.
  • A (suspected) hack of your account.
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