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Guidelines for Law Enforcement Requests

Guidelines for Law Enforcement Requests

These Law Enforcement Guidelines lay down the conditions for Catawiki’s process regarding information requests by law enforcement authorities. Any request we receive from law enforcement authorities should fulfill these conditions. Law enforcement officers can contact us about these guidelines at: lawenforcement@catawiki.com.

1. Catawiki B.V. is responsible for information requests

Catawiki B.V. is a company registered and based in the Netherlands. that provides a curated marketplace to users worldwide. The entity Catawiki B.V., as data controller, is responsible for handling all data disclosure requests from law enforcement authorities relating to user and or transactional information. Therefore, all information requests must be addressed to Catawiki B.V. even if we have a local entity established in a country where the requesting law enforcement authority is from. We will not provide any information if the request is not addressed to Catawiki B.V.

2. Information stored by Catawiki B.V.

The privacy and protection of personal data of our users is very important to us. Nonetheless, we will of course support law enforcement authorities as much as possible if we are able and obliged to do so. It may happen we don’t have the requested information or not have it fully stored in our system. For instance, bank details are not stored by Catawiki and we can only provide the authorities with hashed financial information (only the last 4 digits of abank account number) that we receive from our payment service provider.

Further information about the kind of personal data we collect and store can be found in our Privacy Policy. Generally, we will respond to a valid and properly notified request to the extent permitted by our Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and applicable law.

3. Requests from Dutch, Belgian or Luxembourg law enforcement authorities 

We request Dutch authorities with supervisory and investigative powers to provide us with a warrant, court order or other legally binding order to compel the provision of a user’s (personal) data. All the conditions mentioned under section 5 should be fulfilled before we are able to provide the requested information.

4. Requests from law enforcement authorities outside the Benelux  

Law enforcement authorities outside of the Netherlands can submit a request under the European Investigation Order (EIO) and the Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty (MLAT) or issue a Letter Rogatory, as applicable, to the Dutch authorities.

5. What information should be included in the request?

We will only process requests that are addressed to Catawiki B.V. Requests addressed to local Catawiki entities or Catawiki Services will not be processed.

Also, we will only process requests that fulfill the following conditions. The request must be in formal writing, in PDF format and contain:

- the clear ground for the legal basis of the request and a (brief) summary of the investigation

- a clear description of the natural or legal person whose information is requested. Please note: we can only find users in our system if we have specific details of that person, such as - a username, full name or an email address

- a clear overview of the specific data points that are required for the investigation and the period within which the information is sought. Requesting 'all data of this user' is not specific enough

- the expected response period. Please note it may take some time to gather the information if the scope of the request is broad

- the name of the issuing authority, the name, badge/ID number and signature of the responsible agent or officer, the email address and a direct contact number

Please be as specific as possible and remember that all information requests must be reasonable, proportionate and necessary for the stated purpose.

6. Where should you send your request to?

If the Law Enforcement Authorities are from Belgium, Luxembourg or The Netherlands: lawenforcement@catawiki.nl or addressed to:

Catawiki B.V.

Sint Jorissteeg 2 

1012 XV Amsterdam

Countries within EU:

Please reiterate your request via the official channels Europol, Interpol or judicial channels.

Countries outside of the EU: 

International Letter of Request (ILOR) issued by a designated prosecuting authority or a Court to:

Ministry of Justice in The Hague - Office for International Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters

Ministerie van Justitie

Afdeling Internationale Rechtshulp in Strafzaken (AIRS)

Postbus 20301

2500 EH Den Haag

7. Important details

Please keep the following in mind:

- Our Customer Support team is not authorised to disclose any information by phone or email outside the procedure laid down in these Guidelines.

We will only respond to inquiries that comply with these Guidelines.

- We reserve the right to notify our users of a request, except when providing such a notification is prohibited by law.

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