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Which documents do I have to provide in order to help the buyer with registration?

As a seller, you will generally need to provide two documents as a part of the sales contract. Please note that these are not provided by Catawiki. 

If you want to send either of these documents at a later date, please contact the buyer directly about this as soon as possible.

The two types of document are:

Certificate of Conformity (CoC)

The certificate of conformity (CoC) contains information about the vehicle, the approval number, technical specifications and other data guaranteeing the free circulation of vehicles within the European Union. 

Vehicles without EU specifications (e.g. vehicles manufactured for the American or Japanese market) and converted vehicles do not have a CoC.

Vehicles over 30 years old do not need a CoC, and it's possible to get a historical certificate for a classic vehicle through the relevant authority (e.g. ASI in Italy) or vehicle club.

You can find an example of this document here.

Convention des Marchandises par Route (CMR)

The CMR is a transport document written in three languages with the basic information about the shipped goods. The basic information is as follows:

  • What the shipped item is
  • The Sender and Recipient details
  • Any additional parts or accessories it’s shipped with

 The CMR-waybill consists of the following parts:

  • Copy printed in red for sender
  • Copy printed in blue for recipient
  • Copy printed in green on vehiclerier
  • Copy printed in black on second vehiclerier (if applicable)

When the buyer receives the vehicle, they sign the sender’s copy and ship it to the seller as proof of delivery. You can find an example of the CMR document here.

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