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Sicily. Lot of 4 Æ coins

Sicily. Lot of 4 Æ coins.

- Sicily, Akragas Æ. Phintias (tyrant. 282-279 BC)
Wreathed head of Akragas to left / Boar charging to left. 5,75 g.

- Sicily, Syracuse. Æ, Hiketas II (287-278 BC).
Laureate head of Zeus Hellanios left / Eagle standing left on thunderbolt, with wings displayed; monogram in left field. 6,29 g.

- Sicily, 'Kainon'. Æ, ca. 360-340 BC.
Griffin springing to left, grasshopper to left below / Horse left. 22 mm. 8,09 g.

- Sicily, Syracuse. Æ Hemilitron, 405-375 BC.
Head of nymph l., hair in ampyx, wearing necklace and sphendone / Eight-rayed star in centre of quadripartite incuse square. 4,08 g.

Culture/region Sicily
Denomination Lot of 4 Æ coins
Condition Ungraded