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Netherlands 1952/1954 - Nine FDCs/covers - NVPH E7, E8, E11/E16

8 1st day envelopes and Riebeeck cover. Please view all 6 attached photos to get a good impression. Envelopes are sent by registered mail.


Netherlands 1924 - Queen Wilhelmina 'Fur Collar' - NVPH 61b

List value €150 (NVPH 2021). Registered shipping


Netherlands 1946 - Queen Wilhelmina - NVPH 346/349

Catalog value €455 (NVPH 2021). Registered shipping


Suriname 1909 - Auxiliary issue, including reverse printing - NVPH 58/59 + 58a/59a

Without gum, as issued with intact back. Catalog value € 402 (NVPH 2021) Registered shipping


Netherlands 1926/1939 - Queen Wilhelmina type 'Veth' - NVPH 177/198

A single stamp is slightly tinted. Catalog value €800 (NVPH 2021). Registered shipping


Netherlands 1932 - A.N.V.V. - NVPH 244/247

Catalogue value: €270 (NVPH 2021) Registered shipping.


Netherlands 1924 - Exhibition Stamps - NVPH 136/138

Catalog value € 225 (NVPH 2021) Registered shipping


Netherlands 1928 - Olympics - NVPH 212/219

Catalog value € 200 (NVPH 2021) Registered shipping


Netherlands 2023 - Complete year of FDCs

Complete year 2023. NVPH numbers: E 854 A/B to E 871 A/B. See pictures. Black sheets are not included. Registered shipping.


Netherlands 1896 - Prinses Wilhelmina, lijntanding 11 - NVPH 45C

NVPH 45C line serration 11 with small round stamp Amsterdam 10; Jun 29, 98. Catalog value line serration 11 is 275 euros.


Accessories 2001/2018 - 6 Importa Juweel albums Netherlands

6 importa jewel albums 2001 to 2018 for stamps, stamp sheets, etc. in cassettes. contents of the albums. 4. 2001-2008 pages 182 to 257b. 5. 2009-2015 pages 258 to 325a. 6. 2016-2018 pages 326 to 355a, k3, d8 and au6. sheets + provincial sheets 2001-2008 pages v26 to v60, pv1 to


Accessories - DAVO LX albums Netherlands IV, V, VI (1990 to 2014) with cassettes

3 davo lx albums IV, V and VI + extra pages. Contents of sheets complete according to DAVO classification. content sheets: album 4 - 1990 to 1999 - 108 to 139a, a45 to a62, 0-stamp, as2-as3, asf, asn and d4. except 128a. album 5 - 2000 to 2007 - 140 to 191a, a63 to a82. album 6 -


Netherlands 1933/2001 - Two stock books including Wilhelmina type 'Hartz', summer '50, Churches in wartime

Wilhelmina, type "Hartz", summer '50, Churches in wartime, Itep, combinations, booklets, etc. See photos. registered shipping.


Netherlands 1920 - Clearance issue - NVPH 104/105

See scans for a good impression. Catalog value €325 (NVPH 2024) Will be shipped within the Netherlands with Track & Trace. Registered shipping abroad.


Netherlands 1940 - Koningin Wilhelmina, foutdruk - NVPH 335

Misprint of pair of 10 cents. Partly folded, leaving part unprinted. see pictures.


Netherlands 1951 - Cour Internationale de Justice, met bemerking - NVPH D27

With certificate Henk Vleeming 28/03/2023: "Real seal and perforation, original gum and MNH. Dull gum spot, no defects." See photos for a good impression. Will be sent by registered mail with PostNL.


Netherlands 1960/1995 - Verzameling Kinderbedankkaarten Type C in Lindner album

Collection of only type C cards, these are the types with the lowest print runs. 1964 is a type C1. Total value in 2016 according to the NVPH is € 414. See overview for the copies


Netherlands 1891/1896 - Queen Wilhelmina - NVPH 34/44 + 45/48

2 series Wilhelmina hanging hair. Nos. 34 to 44 and 45 to 48. See attached photos for your own impression. The stamps are shipped with track and trace


Netherlands 1891/1894 - Koningin Wilhelmina - NVPH 34/47

See scans for a good impression. With a number of beautiful small round stamps. Catalog value €403 (NVPH 2024) Will be shipped within the Netherlands with Track & Trace. Registered shipping abroad.


Dutch East Indies 1941 - Indigenous dancers, 3 complete double sheets - NVPH: 299/301

Complete sheets of 200 stamps including bridge pairs: NVPH 299, 2½ cents red violet, etching number L39 and R39. NVPH 300, 3 cents green, etching number L11 and R11. NVPH 301, 4 cents olive green, etching number L10 and R10. All sheets with the complete set of 10 pairs with white


Netherlands 1921 - Brandkastzegels - NVPH BK1/BK7

Complete series. Including album black, slight gum damage and a single brown spot. See images


Suriname 1872/1975 - Voorraad in stockboek

Stock series/single stamps, set up with numbered cards. Sometimes some doublets present. See the images for your own impression. Everything is depicted. Registered shipping. parcel post


Netherlands 1901/1960 - Selectie plaatfouten

13 Plate errors; 7 MNH and 6 unused. View the photos for your own impression. Everything is depicted in the detailed photos. The coding of the plate defect and the catalog value are stated on the enclosed cards. Catalog value € 1329 (mast 2022). Registered shipping.


Netherlands 1949/1951 - Queen Juliana 'En face' - NVPH 518/533 + 534/537

See scans. Registered and insured shipping.


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