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Macabre Memento Mori Skull & Crossbones Vanitas Cartouche Plain Sculpture / Curiosity (1) - Gothic Style - Reconstructed Stone - 21st century

This sculpture embodies the theme "Memento Mori,” a Latin phrase that translates to "Remember that you will die" or "Remember death." It is a reminder that death is a natural and inevitable part of life. This sculpture is of significant size and weight, and it is made of a


Sculpture, Ouderliefde - 92 cm - Bronze

A modern designed light bronze sculpture. Depicting a parent with child. Very special. Simply beautiful. The dimensions are: Height: 92 cm. Width: 46 cm. All of our products will be well packaged and shipped insured.


Sculpture, Dansend koppel - 70 cm - Bronze

Beautifully designed bronze sculpture. Beautiful and special, depicting a couple performing a modern dance. Very detailed and full of emotion. The dimensions are as follows: Height: 70 cm. Width: 50 cm. All our products will be properly packaged for insured shipping.


Sculpture, Pauw - 58 cm - Patinated bronze

Beautiful bronze sculpture of a peacock. Decorative and with beautiful details. Both for the interior and for outside in the garden or on the terrace. Peacock artwork. The dimensions are as follows (+/-): Height: 58cm / 22.2" Width: 29cm / 11.2" All our products are well


Coat rack - Friese kerfsnede kapstok met 5 karakteristieke - Brass, Wood

Unique Frisian carved art deco coat rack with five characteristic hooks. The hooks are very characteristic and rarely found, they are often sold for 100 euros per 5 pieces. Size. Length 118 cm. Height 33 cm. Depth 21 cm. Photos give a clear idea of the quality and are part


Flower pot (2) - Iron (cast/wrought)

Beautiful wrought iron standing flower baskets / flower baskets. Flowerpot holders. Standing iron pillars for plants. Perfect for hanging plants. The set consists of 2 standing pieces, a large plant basket and a smaller one. The dimensions of the largest stand are as follows


Support shelf - Iron (cast) - Second half 20th century

Beautiful old bookends. Dimensions: Length: 19cm. Width: 5 cm. Height: 27 cm. Weight: +/- 2.1 kg. Will be carefully packaged and shipped insured


Shield - Stone - 20th century

Noble shield in stone. It comes from a palace in Andalusia (Spain) Divided into three coats of arms; The upper left represents a key (symbol of power), the right a dagger (symbol of army) and the lower part a castle (symbol of power or nobility). Crowned by a leaf-shaped crest.


Crucifix - Bronze - 1800-1850

Antique Bronze Cross of Christ's Crucifixion With Saints and Cherubs Standing.


Fountain (3) - 1980-1990

Lot of bathroom taps from the 80s. Made of heavy metal, black enamel and gold finishes, they will give your bathroom an elegant and retro touch at the same time. Never installed but over time possible enamel pitting but no oxidation. With their ceramic closures they offer


Relief, Piccola pala d'altare in marmo - San michele arcangelo e lucifero - 40 x 59 cm - 59 cm - Marble

Spectacular altarpiece in yellow Nembro marble, depicting Saint Michael the Archangel in the act of killing Lucifer. Coming from a private collection in the Ferrara area, part of a pair depicting Saint George, also available. Completely hand-sculpted in a meticulous and very


Chimneypiece - Ph. Gobert: Le Phar - 19th century

Wood fire. Origin from Lyon. Very pretty ! Emblem of a film


Sculpture, Leoni dormiente, dal modello di Canova - 110 cm - Pink marble

Splendid ancient lion in pink marble, dating back to the early 1900s and coming from a prestigious Roman palace. This rare sculpture represents an invaluable testimony to the art and history of the time. The beauty of pink marble blends with expertly sculpted details, giving this


Sculpture, polipo - 70 cm - Patinated bronze

This beautiful and unique sculpture representing an octopus, is also suitable (as it has been in the past) as a base for a round crystal glass table top; the glass top would perfectly rest on four supporting points. To make the table stable and safe to use, the top diameter


Sculpture, Camino antico in peperino - 112 cm - Stone

Ancient fireplace from the early 1900s carved entirely by hand in stone called Peperino, from Italy, Tuscany. Measurements: Height 112 cm. Width 133cm. Deep 20cm. Total weight approximately 100 kg


Fountain - Montelupo Fiorentino ceramics - 20th century

Ancient Fountain, Handmade, Mid-20th Century. Can also be used as a furnishing accessory or as a fountain. Made entirely of glazed ceramic (Montelupo Fiorentino), with a tub of great charm and excellent capacity (see photo). On the upper body there is a beautiful sculpture (see


Sculpture, Coppia di cavalli - 100 cm - Cast Stone

Sculptures Pair of horses in good condition.


Figure - Levensechte zwaan - Iron (cast/wrought)

Beautiful white swan; Lifelike and beautiful magical garden decoration. Beautiful for the garden or at the pond. In the courtyard. The dimensions of this lifelike metal swan are as follows (+/-): Height: 72cm / 29" Length: 55cm / 22" All our products are well packaged and


Figurine - Levensechte Haan - metal

Beautiful decorative rooster. Very nice for the garden, with beautiful colours. This is also a very large and powerful model with the following dimensions: Height: 56cm / 22.5" Width: 44cm / 17.75" All our products are well packaged and shipped with insurance. Garden art /


Lantern - Glass

This is a very nice lantern made of metal with a nice gold/brass finish and very nice with a thick lit candle. Height: 90 cm!! All our products will be securely packaged and shipped by insured mail.


Wand console van meubelfabriek Oisterwijk - Wall shelf unit - Wood

Authentic wooden wall console from the second half of the 20th century. The wall console has a beautiful artistic shape and attracts attention. Dimensions. Height 12.5 cm. Width 23.5 cm. Depth 14 cm. Photos give a clear idea of the quality and are part of the description. The


Display frame - style Louis XV - Wood

Large baroque frame with beautiful Louis XV style cornices. It is made of patinated solid wood with copper/bronzed highlights. Ideal for painting or mirroring, this very beautiful frame will elegantly adorn any interior. Origin France. Width: 51.5 cm. Length: 61.8 cm. Depth: 3.7


Holy water font - 20th century

Delightful oval stoup in breccia marble with two elegant acanthus leaves carved internally. Provenance Venice, private collection. Object of rare and unique beauty both for the truly exclusive color of the marble and above all for the internal decoration. Lot of high workmanship


Panel - Paneel met engel en acathusbladeren houtsnijwerk - Wood

A beautiful antique decorative panel with an angel's head with wings. To be used in paneling, doors or simply as decoration on the wall. This one originally comes from an old house in Galicia, Spain. This special panel is made of wood with very beautiful carvings. See the photos


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