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Picture frame (13) - Glass, Marble, Wood

13 Art Deco photo frames. In good used condition. Photos are part of the description. French and Belgian made. 1. Marble double single glazing. Height 16cm, width 32cm and 1196 grams. 2. Marble dark brown single mirror glass. Height 24.5cm, width 25cm and 775grams. 3. Marble


Picture frame (2) - Marble

The lot consists of 2 art deco style photo frames. One with a pigeon, the other with another bird. Bottom probably marble, so heavy. The birds are probably spelter but nickel plated. Sold without glass.


Picture frame (7) - Glass, Marble

2x double and 5x single Art Deco photo frames. Made from different types of marble. Dimensions of the largest: H 16 cm W 38 cm - D 9 cm. dimensions of the smallest H11 cm W 22 cm D 4.5 cm. Excellent condition, a must for your art deco interior. Please look carefully at the


Picture frame (13) - Glass, chrome

13x chrome Art Deco photo frames. Dimensions of the largest: 26 - 22 cm. dimensions of the 5 smallest 10 - 6 cm. Good condition, Please look carefully at the photos to make an informed decision. The whole can be picked up in Zwalm, near Ghent. The shipping costs to an island


Picture frame (2) - Art deco paar marmeren fotohouders - Glass, Marble

Beautiful pair of photo frames/photo holders in beautifully veined marble. Fine and elegant with glasses with silver rim, these glasses have damage to the corners due to age but are replaceable, see photos AFM 14x9cm. AFM deep 4cm, high 16cm and wide 17.5cm. Will be packaged and


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MONIX & Jean Gauthier - a pair of French art deco wall lights

MONIX & JEAN GAUTHIER. A nice pair of French 1930 art deco wall lights in nickel plated solid brass or bronze holding two beautiful panels in frosted molded-pressed glass. The shades were acid frosted and then polished by hand to create glossy highlights. This model shade is


Boris Lacroix - A pair of French art deco wall lights

JEAN BORIS LACROIX. A beautiful pair of French art deco wall sconces around 1935 in nickel plated solid brass or bronze and clear frosted molded-pressed glass. They were designed by Boris Lacroix. The sconces are in excellent condition. I re-nickeled and patinated the mountings.


Lorrain France - Dish

Fruit dish, good general condition, metal structure which has oxidized sides, signed but the signature is barely visible, brown glass. Dish diameter 23cm height 11cm


Joseph Simon (1874-1960) - Val Saint Lambert - Red Cristal Vase (1)

"This Cristal vase is not signed" Carefully packed and sent by registered shipping with tracking code Please see all photos as they are a part of the description


Verreries Schneider - Attachment bowl

Art Nouveau vase, "Yucca" decor, Verreries SCHNEIDER, Epinay-sur-Seine, around 1925-30. Height: approx. 19.0 cm, diameter: approx. 19.5 cm. Bowl-like vase; Slightly curved body above the base of the ball, which was shaped into a wide funnel in the upper third of the vessel.


Daum Frères - Vase

Very rare cup vase, DAUM, Nancy, around 1920. Height: approx. 12.7 cm, diameter: approx. 13.9 cm. Cup shape: over a retracted base, widening towards the circular mouth. Multi-layered cased glass, the decoration of which was achieved by various powder fusions. Diamond-shaped,


Le Verre Français, Verreries Schneider - Jug

Glass jug, SCHNEIDER, Le verre francais, Epinay sur Seine. Height approx. 32 cm, diameter approx. 16.5 cm. Clear glass, with yellow, streaky warped, cloudy powder melts. Glossy melted surface on a colourless intermediate layer; at the stand in dark green, on the wall up to the


Daum Frères - Bowl

Art Deco glass bowl, DAUM Fréres, Nancy, around 1925-30. Diameter: approx. 30.2 cm, height: approx. 6.7 cm. Slightly curved bowl, over a round stand, made of colorless clear glass with an emerald green overlay (rather rare color variant) on the inside. The outer wall is designed


Dr Rezső Rank - Art Deco Wall Mask

Excellent Hungarian Art Deco terracotta female bust, wall mask ceramic figurine. Handmade terracotta. Ca: 1930 Hungary. Very rare piece. Dimensions: 5,5 x 15,5 x 21 cm. Signed by the artist Dr Rank Rezső The wall mask was designed by the famous Hungarian sculptor Dr. Rezső


I.L.C.A. (Genova) - Figurine, Naked girl combing her hair (1)

Beautiful and very rare porcelain figurines. Top Italian quality - Museum quality. Produced by I.L.C.A. (Industria Ligure Ceramiche Artistiche), established in 1928 and active until 1935 in Genoa - Nervi. Trademark under the base. "THE CA." was established in 1928 by Mario Labò,


Mihály Pál (1911-1971) - Art Deco sculpture

Mihály Pál (1911-1971), distinguished Hungarian sculptor. He was awarded the Mihály Munkácsy Prize in 1970. A magnificent large-scale art deco ceramic sculpture depicting a robust female nude. Handmade ceramic. Signature of the artist on the pedestal : Mihály Pál 943. Hungary,


Joseph Lorenzl (atr.) - Figure lamp

Elegant dancer balancing a large balloon on her hand. Some wear to the patina, but in very good working condition. Not signed, but clearly completely in the style of Joseph Lorenzl. #LizaChloeCollection


Alberic Collin - Rocher, Paris - bronze statue

This regal lion radiates massive power. The king of beasts doesn't have to do anything to impress. Before the First World War, Alberic Collin worked every day in the Antwerp Zoo for years, together with his colleague and friend Rembrandt Bugatti. He knew the animals inside and


Pierre Le Faguays - Figurine

This bronze statue by Pierre Le Faguays was made in the 1930s. Probably around 1937 when he also participated in the World Exhibition in Paris. We see here the birth of Venus. depicted as a woman carried on a foaming wave and with her flowing hair and voile and her undulating


Marcel Bouraine - Susse Frères bronsgieterij - silver-plated bronze statue

Famous statue by famous art deco sculptor Marcel Bouraine, depicting Penthesilea, the queen of the Amazons. Not only is the bow drawn, but the charge of the arrow that is about to fly can be felt throughout the image. You also see the manual work of sculpting, which gives a warm


Béla Markup (1873–1945) - Herend - Art Deco Polar Bear

Beautiful porcelain sculpture in art deco style in ecellent condition from Herend Porcelain Manufactory (Hungary): Polar bear on ice-floe. Hand painted. Design: Béla Markup, 1927. It's marked on the bottom. Mark: Herend, Hungarian coat of arms, Herend Hungary. Form number:


Daum - Vase

Daum glass vase with vitrifications in clear, grey and deep red glasspowders surrounded by a network of orange glass powders. Signed Daum Nancy and Cross of Lorraine. Height 17,5 cm. Vase is in excellent condition and will be carefully packed and mailed insured.


M Model - Sculpture

Opaline glass image of a Madonna and child on an octagonal base, signed M. Model, Made in France, 22 cm high made in France in the 1920s. The image is in excellent condition; no damage or missing pieces or restorations. Will be carefully packaged and shipped insured.


Goldscheider - Sculpture, 'Ruth' dancer

Highly sought after Art Deco Goldscheider ceramic figure from the 1920s. Depiction of the dancer Ruth Saint Denis (1877/79 - 1968, actually Ruth Dennis, "Miss Ruth") in her dance "Radha" - dance of the five senses, world premiere in 1906. The dancer, with her hair tied back and

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    muchas gracias por lo bien enviado y por los detalles


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    Venditrice gentilissima, ha saputo imballare in modo perfetto un grande numero di splendide cornici in marmo e vetro, art decò, facendole arrivare intatte. Grazie del pensiero, saluti dall'Italia!


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