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Donna Gelsinger - Bradford Exchange - Clock, ''timeless treasure'' - Gold-plated, Porcelain

Up for auction this exquisite, vintage lovely clock by Bradford Exchange, crafted from the finest Heirloom Porcelain. This one is called “Timeless treasure”. Produced to the highest quality and artistic standards of the Bradford Exchange. Individually numbered, this one being


Francisco Catala - Lladró - Figurine - Porcelain

Beautiful rare porcelain statue by Lladro, number 5761 “Out for a Romp”. The price of shipping is by PostNL and this also includes a double box and packaging material.


Fabergé, Franklin Mint - Figurine, The Majestic Tortoise - .916 (22 kt) gold, Porcelain

"The Majestic Tortoise" is a part of 12 animal figurines from the Imperial Palace Cloisonné Collection of the House of Fabergé for Franklin Mint from 1990. "The Majestc Tortoise" shimmering with imperial beauty, it is crafted in the exotic tradition of cloisonné a technique that


M.I. Hummel - Goebel 47 3/0 TMK3 - Statue(s), "The Goose Girl" - Porcelain

M.I.Hummel 47 3/0 TMK3 . “Goose Girl” - Gänselieschen, "The Goose Girl". Years 1960-1972. She's a sweet little girl in a brown dress with a yellow polka-dotted apron. She has a red scarf with polka dots on her hair and a brown braid peeking out from underneath. She has red shoes


Figurine - Gold-plated, Porcelain

"The Majestic Toad" is a figure truly shimmering with imperial beauty. It is crafted in the exotic tradition of cloisonné a technique that consists of forming small cloisons or cells out of wire which are then filled with brilliant jewel-like enamels. The base wires are richly


Galos - Sculpture - Marble, Porcelain

"Dance" - Galos, design - Glazed porcelain, marble base - Dancing couple - 20th century - Excellent condition. Origin: Spain. Material: Matte glazed porcelain with "dripping" effects, glossy with marble base - registered. Measurements: 19 x 13 x 33cm. (W x L x H) Weight: 1.5kg.


Nao by Lladró - Figurine, Las Fallas - Porcelain

RARE antique glitter porcelain figure NAO by Lladrò, depicting a Valencian couple of lovers, rich in details. The 'falleros' man is elegantly dressed in light blue and the 'falleras' woman wears a traditional Valencian dress with a beautiful floral detail. Branded and numbered on


Lladró - Figurines (2) - Porcelain

Beautiful porcelain figurines from Lladro, number 4868 “GIRL WITH CANDLE” size height 21cm and width 12.7cm and number 4873 “BLOWING KISS” size height 18.5cm and width 4.5cm. The price of shipping is by PostNL and this also includes a double box and packaging material.


Aelteste Volkstedter - Figurine - Porcelain

A dream in porcelain: Courtly figure ensemble. Expressive and delicate figure design. Lively appearance. Impresses with its high level of artistry. 75 cm long, 38 cm deep, 45 cm high.


Goebel - Candle holder, Christmas angel (1) - Porcelain

Collection liquidation----NO MINIMUM PRICE. Hummel figure, Goebel company, Germany, manufactured in 1971. An adorable little Christmas angel sings with stringed instruments. A small candle can be inserted on the side. Below is the model number: 4234715. Now Christmas is


Goebel - M.I Hummel - 396 2/0 Tmk7 - Ride Into Christmas - Porcelain

Hummel figurine "Ride Into Christmas", modeled by Gerhard Skrobek in 1980, released in four sizes. The figure is probably 2nd choice, but with no noticeable defects.


Goebel - M.I Hummel - 238/A Tmk7 - Angel with Lute - Porcelain

Hummel figurine "Angel With Lute" - Hum 238/A: 2nd choice, with a small irregularity on the head (see photo)


Goebel - M.I Hummel - 169 Tmk7 - Spring Song - Porcelain

Bumblebee figurine "Spring Song", sculpted in 1945 by Arthur Möller. The figure is probably 2nd choice, there is a short light line on the underside of the music stand.


Béla Markup (1873-1945) - Herend - Figurine, Polar Bear - Porcelain

Porcelain figurine from the Herend Porcelain Manufactory. Herend is still known for high quality porcelain figurines designed and executed by renowned artists. Product Title: Polar Bear on the ice. Painted, glazed porcelain with a shiny surface. The statue was designed by


Ernst Wenck (1865-1929) - Rosenthal - Figurine - Porcelain

Woman drinking from the source. Ernst Wenck (1865-1929) - Rosenthal - Sculpture. Germany. White color. 20x21x11 cm. In excellent condition. Tracked shipping.


Rosenthal - Figurine - Porcelain

Stunning and rare porcelain figurine by Theodor Kärner representing a finely hand-decorated Boxer puppy, rich in details such as the definition of the eyes, the shades in the paws and on the back. In perfect condition without any breaks or damage. Classic Rose (Rosenthal)


Goebel - M.I. Hummel - 110/0 Tmk7 - Let's Sing - Porcelain

This beautiful figure (height: 8 cm) was modeled by master modeler Reinhold Unger in 1938. Unfortunately, the store where I bought it in 1996 had sold another Hummel figure in "my" original box. Therefore the box supplied does not have the original sticker on it. The figure has


Goebel - M.I Hummel - 132 Tmk7 - Star Gazer - Boxed - Porcelain

This beautiful figure (height: 12 cm) has been in the original box since it was purchased. I send via DPD with tracking and liability up to 520 EUR.


Centerpiece - lidded jar - Bronze, Porcelain

A very beautiful decorative pot in the sea theme. Beautifully designed pattern of venus clams and decorated with bronze brass ornaments, shells and seahorses. The dimensions are as follows: Height: 22 cm. Width: 17 cm. All our products will be properly packaged and shipped by


Hutschenreuther - Figurine - Porcelain

Very fine porcelain. Excellent conditions. Height approximately 29 cm. Highly valuable, collectible piece.


Gabriel Grupello/August Göhring - Nymphenburg - Figurines, equestrian statue Jan Wellem "Düsseldorf" (3) - Porcelain

3 horsemen statues Nymphenburg "Jan Wellem", Düsseldorf. Number 323-1. Dimensions 12 x 10 x 5 cm. Weight 190 grams. Number 323-2. Dimensions 21 x 20 x 10 cm. Weight 885 grams. Number 323-3. Dimensions 32 x 29 x 13. Weight 1585 grams. The cross on top of the 2 large objects is


Vieux Bruxelles - Beautiful Mary with Child - 25cm - Porcelain

This statue, in Vieux-Bruxelles style, offers a moving representation of Mary with the Child Jesus on her left arm. The orb that Mary carries in her right hand is a powerful symbol for Jesus' kingship over the world and divine authority. The image is further enhanced by the


Meissen - Warmer with tea light holder (2) - Porcelain

Rarity: a warmer with tea light holder made of Meissen porcelain, model Red Rose. with gilded edges. 1st Choice. Dimensions: Warmer - top diameter approx. 12cm, bottom 17cm and height approx. 9cm. Tealight holder - diameter approx. 6cm by 10cm longer with the handle, 2 cm high.


Società Ceramica Italiana - Laveno - Cherub shelves and vine shoots (2) - Porcelain

It is a decorative object referable to a production of the late nineteenth - early twentieth century, perhaps precisely to 1902 if we consider the last number present in the mark as the year of creation (see R. Ausenda, History of ceramics in the territory of Varese dal '700 al


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