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Chess set - Wood

Chess set artigianale made of wood in Classic style. The pieces and chessboard are beautifully inlaid and carved. Shipping with trackcode. Size of the king 7 cm h. Size of total of the game board 34x34x2,5 cm


Chess (USSR) 1960s. - Wood

Chess made in USSR classic (1960s) in good condition. Material: wood. Chessboard: 40x40 cm. Original.(USSR). Delivery - registered mail: min: 15-21 days, max: 35days.


Escardibul Chess game (king 9.5 cm.) + luxury backgammon game (1) - Wood

This lot consists of a vintage chess set from the 1970s vs. the last century, probably from Spain. The chess pieces are Escardibul chess pieces. The pieces are made of beautiful wood. What species is unknown to me. The chess pieces are lightly weighted and beautifully skinned.


Magnificent weighted brass chess set (king 9 cm.) + backgammon game (1) - Brass, Wood

This lot consists of a special brass chess set from the 1970s, probably from Italy. The special feature of this chess set are the heavy brass chess pieces in a silver and gold color. The chess set shows medieval figures: The King, the Queen, the Bishop and squires. The king


Sculpture - Angel - 27 cm (1) - Wood

The angel offered is approximately mid-20th century. The wings are loose from the angel, there is a small hole in the back between the wing, there was a small eye screw to hang the angel on. Please see all images carefully for your own impression of the condition of the offered


Jydsk Telefon-Aktieselskab - Telephone - Bakelite, Copper, Steel, Wood

Jydsk is a Danish telephone company founded in 1895 as Jydsk Telephone Companies Jutland. Was in use by the Danish Telephone Company of Jutland. The phone is in very nice used condition. The listening and hearing parts are made of Bakelite. The casing is made of iron. The handle


Christmas group Tanzania - Carving (13) - Wood

This extraordinary 13-piece Christmas group from Tanzania, made from a light wood with a warm color, radiates craftsmanship and authenticity. The group consists of essential figures who bring to life the timeless story of the birth of Jesus: the manger with Jesus, surrounded by


Sculpture - Madonna and Child - 61 cm - 5.5 kg (1) - Wood

Sculpture of the virgin and the child in exotic wood of Colonial origin. Probably from the Belgian Congo. Beautiful production, large interesting format (61 cm)


Michael Boyett - Chilmark - Sculpture - 'Buffalo Stalker' Crow - 680/2500 - Pewter, Wood

Sculpture titled “Buffalo Stalker” Crow. Made by Michael Boyett in 1980, Chilmark. As you can see from the photos, the sculpture is numbered because there is only a limited number of them, 2500. The sculpture is made of solid pewter on a walnut base. Above and below the statuette


NO RESERVE PRICE - Beautiful Slice of Petrified Wood on Stand - Wood, Iron

Wonderful slice of petrified wood. Petrified Wood is a mineralized piece of a tree that originated because trees fell over and were covered under a layer of soil or sand. Often due to a natural disaster. The colors you see in Petrified Wood depend on the Minerals in the soil or


Vienna Coffee House Style Chess Pieces - Wood

A vintage, rare coffee house chess pieces (32) made in Vienna between 30s-50s most likely by famous J.A. Nekvasil company. Pieces are wooden and hand-maded. Set comes with original cartbox with stylized Vienna sign and decorative motives. Pieces are protected from the bottom


Knights with Eyes Chess Pieces with Box - Wood

An original, complete chess pieces with eyed knights from 70s/80s. Pieces are in great condition. All protected with green felt at the bottom. Wooden box is complete - without crack or damages. Rare and specific chess set in great condition. *** DIMENSIONS. King: 7,3 cm


rare wood carving xxl chess set (1) - Wood

rare. Wood carving. The king is 21/5. the pawns are 16 cm. the style and large size make it a rare piece. It is very rare to find similar ones and few people are willing to part with theirs.


Staunton - Chess set - Wood

Staunton Chess Pieces and Chessboard (Homas) Origin: France ca 1960. Finely handmade chess pieces. Beautiful turning and wood carving. Including Homas chess board and original wooden storage box with Staunton inscription. Chess pieces: king 6.2 cm, queen 5.3 cm knight 4 cm.


Nautical Compass with Sundial & Box - Brass, Wood

Nautical Compass with Sundial & Box. The box size is: +/- 6x14x14cm. This Xclusive Item will be shipped very well packed. Furthermore, the fragile tape will be placed on the package and a tracking code to track your package is available after sending it out.


Chess set Tournament 3 - Wood

Chess set Tournament #3, made by a Polish manufacturer from several types of high-quality natural wood. The board is made using intarsia technology. The board is easily folded and quickly turns into a convenient container for chess pieces. The edges of the board are numbered. The


Beautiful sculpture - Cherub - 57 cm - 2 kg (1) - Wood

Beautiful cherub sculpture, 20th century in fruit wood, height 57 cm, neither missing nor restored, some small traces, see photo, neat package


Siemens & Halske - Telephone - Steel, Wood

Magneto telephone from 1920 in excellent condition. This phone is complete for information. The crank that activates the magneto works perfectly. The handset and its cord are also in good condition. The steel body is impeccable. The wooden support is in good condition. For


Icon of the Virgin and Jesus Christ, Hodegitria, Guidebook - Wood

Icon of the Virgin and Jesus Christ, Hodegitria, Guidebook. The icon is in very good condition. It is painted on wood. The Mother of God has embraced the little Jesus, and two angels can be seen on either side of them. A smile, love and humility can be seen on the faces of the


Nautical Sextant with Box - Brass - Brass, Wood

Replica nautical sextant fully made of brass and polished to make it gold Made of burnished brass, housed in a beautiful wooden box with a single lock and brass inlays. All parts are movable and the sextant work sextant and box 526gram sextant 240gram box 7.5x14.7x14cm


Jean Baptiste Revillon (1819-1869) - Wall icon - Crucifixion of Christ - 44 cm - 4 kg - Plaster, Wood

Large icon in plaster set in an oak frame. Designed by Jean Baptiste Revillon. It was also drawn there and shown in the photo gallery. This is a large and rare piece. Auctioned pieces will be shipped insured the following Saturday at the end of the auction


Hand Carved Wooden Owls - Wood

Hand-carved and painted wooden owls, made in Thailand. Heights: 34 / 27.5 / 22cm. This Xclusive Item will be shipped very well packed. Furthermore, fragile tape will be placed on the package and a track code to track your package is available after sending out.


African Christmas group - 20cm - Wood

This African Christmas group is an authentic piece of wood carving that immediately attracts attention because of its simplicity and raw beauty. We see a kneeling Mary, tenderly and lovingly nurturing the baby Jesus, while Joseph kneels beside them in deep prayer. Above this


Sinte Kathrien - Kunsthandel en Lijstenmakerij - Wooden nativity scene - Handmade (27) - Wood

Condition: in good condition, used but no damage. Origin: Sinte Kathrien, Eindhoven. Dimensions: stable 30x23x60. Figures 10-12cm high. Wooden nativity scene, handmade. Includes baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph. 4 shepherds, the three kings, the ox, the donkey, a sheepdog, 10 sheep, a


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