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Fiat - 500 L - 1971

This car, in addition to myself, has had only one owner and has been completely restored and made ready for any test. The engine has been completely overhauled, the carburettor has been replaced with a new and original one. The brakes have been overhauled. The bodywork has been


Fiat - 600 Multipla - 1965

HISTORY/OVERVIEW In the years that followed World War II, it became obvious to Fiat management that the future lay in a small car, cheap to manufacture and cheap to buy. Chief technical designer Dante Giacosa set about finding a replacement for the 500 Topolino: Project "100".


BMW - Z3 2.8i - 1999

BMW Z3 in Stahlgrau Metallic, equipped with a 2.8i 192 HP engine (M52B28TU) and automatic transmission. The seller personally imported the car from California USA this year. Due to the climate in which the car spent its life, the car is virtually free from rust issues. The car


BMW - Z4 3.0i E85 - 2003

The BMW Z4 E85 version 3.0 with 230 HP is a sports car that represents an exceptional combination of power and style. The black soft top is in perfect condition, and the electronic opening/closing system has recently been updated to ensure flawless operation. The car is fully


Durant - Rugby - 1929

HISTORY/OVERVIEW. Car imported from Argentina with customs clearance in 1990, original Argentine registration document present. The current one is the third owner. It does not have a speedometer on which they are marked as it is absent on this model. Car used only for weddings


Maserati - Spyder - 31.882 km - 2004

This beautiful Maserati Spyder with original Gransport package with only 31,800 original km on the odometer, fully dealer maintained. Technically this Spyder is in very good condition and had its last maintenance at 31,000 km. There are no scratches, dents or stone chips


Mercedes-Benz - 450SL - NO RESERVE - 1979

The Timeless Splendor of the Mercedes-Benz 450SL. Please note: This is a NO RESERVE auction. Step into the timeless world of luxury and refinement with the 1979 Mercedes-Benz 450SL Convertible 4.5L V8. This car is not just a classic; it is a masterpiece on wheels that has stood


Rover - Nizam Sport 10/25 - 1931

- Pre-war sports tourer, preserved, in patina. -Excellent mechanical condition, scrupulous maintenance. - Original use and maintenance manual and presentation brochure from the time. -Matching numbers, has ASI Gold Plate Homologation, FIVA Certificate and CSAI Fiche.


Volkswagen - Duesenberg Phaeton Convertible "1930" Tribute - 1983

Report: Scan the QR for an externally drawn up report of the car or follow the link: This 'pre-war Duesenberg Phaeton tribute' was built by Professional Prototypes in


Triumph - TR4A IRS - NO RESERVE - 1967

Report: Scan the QR for an externally created report of the car or follow the link: The Triumph TR4A - A British icon from the 60s. Please note, this is a NO RESERVE


Triumph - Spitfire MK III - 1969

This unique Spitfire MK III, completely restored in 1989/1990, is in very good condition. The Triumph was registered in 1972 with a Dutch license plate and completely professionally restored. All invoices since the restoration, including the maintenance history, are archived


Mercedes-Benz - Gazelle (SSK 1929 Tribute) Convertible 2,3L - NO RESERVE - 1984

Take a journey through time with the Mercedes Gazelle (1929 SSK) Convertible 2.3L 'Tribute': A Ride Through History. Please note: This is a NO RESERVE auction. Step into the past and become the owner of a timeless classic with the Mercedes Gazelle (1929 SSK) Convertible 2.3L


Porsche - Boxster - 60.500 km - 2003

Porsche Boxster 986 MK2 in very good original condition. HISTORY. With hard top, low mileage and all warranties, purchased by its first and only owner at Porsche Madrid (Spain) and used as a recreational car for very few kilometers a year, kept in a private garage. The car has


Mercedes-Benz - 450SL Convertible V8 - NO RESERVE - 1975

Mercedes-Benz 450SL Convertible: An Iconic Piece of Automotive History. Please note: This is a NO RESERVE auction. The Mercedes-Benz 450SL is more than just a car; it is a timeless symbol of style, elegance and German technical perfection. As a member of the famous R107 series,


Mercedes-Benz - 560SL - NO RESERVE - 1987

Mercedes-Benz 560SL: Legendary Elegance and Performance. Please note: This is a NO RESERVE auction. The 1987 Mercedes-Benz 560SL is not just any car; it is an icon of luxury, sophistication and timeless beauty. As a member of the legendary R107 series, this convertible has made


Jaguar - XJS Convertible 5,3L V12 - NO RESERVE - 1992

The Jaguar XJS Convertible: An Icon of Refinement and Performance. Please note: This is a NO RESERVE auction. The Jaguar XJS Convertible embodies the perfect blend of luxury, performance and timeless elegance. As the successor to the legendary E-Type, the XJS was launched with a


Dodge - Viper SRT 10 - 21.000 Mi - 2004

Dodge Viper SRT 10. Coming from the first owner family. This Dodge was purchased new by the father of the house in Germany at the dealer. The car was purchased by the family as an investment for the future. So there is absolutely not much to very little driving with the car.


Alfa Romeo - Speedster "1927" Tribute 1.5L - NO RESERVE - 1964

It's time to go back to the golden days of racing, to the time of pure driving pleasure and the smell of adventure. Meet the Alfa Romeo Speedster "1927" Tribute, titled in 1964. This tribute to the legendary Alfa Romeo Speedster from 1927 takes you back to a time when cars still


Fiat - 500 F - 1967

Fiat 500 F (509) year 1967, with 3 owners. The car has been completely overhauled both with its engine (engine does not need any type of intervention, excellent and with no oil leaks). Car never been in an accident and always kept in a private garage, brakes, gearbox and


Jaguar - XK 150 DHC - 1959

HIGHLIGHT. - Complete restoration in 2018. - Matching Numbers & Colors. - Stunning color combination. - Jaguar Heritage Certificate. HISTORY/OVERVIEW. Jaguar XK 150 DHC automatic built in 1959 as per Heritage Certificate. Colors and original engine from first registration.


Ruska - Buggy VW B1 - 1970

A car most people didn't know if it really existed. Ruska Buggies was a Dutch car factory making buggies based on Volkswagen Beetles. As experts will be able to tell, this is the very first Ruska Buggies model. Model B1. They were only available in 1970 and have the lowest


Jaguar - XK 120 FHC - 1951

Jaguar XK120 FHC from 1951. The XK120 FHC (Fixed Head Coupe) was thoroughly restored in 2015 and repainted in the original Twilight Blue Metallic color. A very rare and early model, delivered in Los Angeles, USA in 1951 by the distributor Charles Hornburg. The car is


Rolls-Royce - corniche IV - 1996

This original European delivered Rolls Royce Corniche series 4 is one of the last built series of this model and very rare. Apparently a total of 219 units were built from 1992 to 1995. The vast majority of this was exported to America. Apparently a handful were made for the


MG - Midget - 1970

This classic car with the color British Racing Green is well maintained and shows minimal signs of wear. The paint has a nice shine and there are no dents or scratches visible. The MG Midget has a charming appearance, with a rare split bumper, mini light wheels, a luggage rack


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