Lot Submission & Evaluation
What do the different lot statuses mean?

The different lot statuses are as follows:

Draft: you can write or modify the lot description yourself.
Adjustments required: the expert has decided that changes to your lot description need to be made in order for your lot to be properly reviewed.
Not approved: the expert has reviewed your lot and decided that it is not suitable for our auctions.
Submitted: your lot has been submitted to the expert for review.
Under review: the lot you are offering is being reviewed by the expert. In this stage, our experts will evaluate the lot and can either accept or reject the lot depending on its suitability for our auctions.
Resubmitted: the expert provided feedback on your lot description and you made the adjustments required. You have now submitted your lot for the expert to review again.
Approved: the expert has approved your lot to be included in our auctions. Your approved lot will be included in an auction as soon as possible.
Planned: your lot is scheduled for auction. The date listed is the auction end date. Please consider that if a lot is scheduled for auction, this does not always guarantee it will be sold.
Auctioned: your lot has been auctioned off but has not yet been paid for by the winning bidder.
Payment received: the buyer has paid for the lot.
Paid: you have been paid for your sold lot.
Not sold: your lot was offered in an auction, however there was no winning bid placed. This can be the result of either the reserve price not being met, or that no bids were placed. 
Cancelled: your lot was sold at auction, however the sale was cancelled.

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