Mason Storm (1966) - Flying Copper

Mason Storm (1966) - Flying Copper
Stampa C - Firmato a mano - Edizione aperta a tempo limitato

Sold out on 315gsm paper.
Mason Storm says he has not heard of Banksy ! And, Mason Storm says Banksy has not heard of him ! This picture has caused great controversy in the Art World, who did it first? Banksy or Storm?

Experts have pondered and said Banksy, a stencil artist could not create this piece or, other controversial pieces now being released by Mason Storm which were thought to be Banksy's.The first print Mason Storm released always credited to Banksy was Monkey Parliament. Banksy has not commented, his "agent" Jo Brooks refuses to discuss the matter, no knows the identity of Mason Storm he is a mystery, is he Banksy?

In street art category like D*Face, Fin Dac, Invader, Whatshisname, Chevrier, Kaws, Blek the Rat, Shepard Fairey, Dran, Seth, JonOne, C215, Arsham, Faile. Whatson, Eelus, Brainwash, JR.

Dettagli lotto
Mason Storm (1966)
Titolo dell'opera
Flying Copper
Stampa C
Firmato a mano
Edizione aperta a tempo limitato
Eccellenti condizioni
Dimensioni totali
20.5×37.5×0 cm
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