Seller Tips


Seller Tips

You’ve signed up to Catawiki – now you want to sell your special objects smoothly and for the right price, so what’s next? Find tips, tricks and answers to your questions here.

What can I sell on Catawiki?

Sell the right objects and get the most out of selling on Catawiki with tips from the experts.
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What do Catawiki experts do?

Get your objects approved by experts who specialise in the wide range of categories available on Catawiki.
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How do I photograph objects for sale?

Increase your chances of selling by photographing your objects in a way that will attract buyers.
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How do Catawiki’s experts determine my objects’ value?

An object’s value is calculated by Catawiki’s experts, taking a number of factors into account, including rarity, age and condition.
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How do I describe my objects?

Attract bidders by describing your objects well and showing potential bidders what makes them special.
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Should I set a reserve price?

Meet your unique business priorities by deciding whether or not to set a reserve price on your objects.
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How do I ship objects?

Set the right shipping costs and securely ship objects to buyers around the world.
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How do I boost my objects’ sales?

Improve your sales, even if you’re perfectly happy with your current numbers.
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How do I choose the right time to sell?

Align with Catawiki’s yearly Activations Calendar and make the most of upcoming events.
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Take a look at the major selling moments coming up on the Catawiki calendar.

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Get in depth information for all your questions in the Seller Help Centre.