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How do I track my order?

You can track your order from the order page during shipping. You’ll find the estimated delivery date and status of the order on the order page. 

You can also track the order on the shipping company’s website using the tracking code you’ll find on the order page.

If there are any changes to the estimated delivery date, we'll show the latest estimated delivery date on the order page and we'll email or notify you about the changes.

Shipping statuses

Shipping statuses give info about where your order is during the shipping process. For delivery, we get these details from shipping companies via track & trace. For pickup, we get these details from you and the seller. We don’t update the statuses manually.


  • Your order is being prepared: the seller is carefully packing your object and preparing to take it to the post office or shipping point.
  • Your order is on the way: the seller has dropped your order off at the post office or shipping point. We’ve received the track & trace info so we can accurately track your order. Keep in mind, we might also show this status if it’s past the estimated delivery date and we have no new updates from the shipping company. In these cases, we’ll email or notify you about what to do.
  • Your order is arriving today: you can expect your order to be delivered today.
  • Your order was delivered: track & trace shows that your order has arrived at your address, a nearby shipping point, or at a neighbour’s address.


  • Your order is ready for pickup: you can pick up your order, following the arrangements you’ve made with the seller.
  • Let us know you got your order: you’ll need to mark your order as picked up once you’ve got it.
  • Your order was picked up: you’ve marked your order as picked up.

If you have more questions about tracking, we encourage you to message the seller

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