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Acceptance & Submission Guidelines: Coins, Bullion & Banknotes

At Catawiki we want to ensure that the items in our auctions reflect the unique, harder to find objects of value that bidders are looking for.

This is why we have set per category a minimum estimated value a lot should achieve in auction in order to be admitted.

During lot evaluation our in-house Experts carefully review and select admittable items, considering various aspects and product characteristics that determine the quality and influence the value an item is expected to sell for in our auctions. 


Buyers at Catawiki look for interesting collectable coins and banknotes that are not easy to find on the market.

We’re looking for: 

  • Ancient coins grade VF or higher with a minimum estimated value of €50, or lower than VF grade with a minimum value of €100. Or combined lots with a value of at least €100.
  • Modern coins and banknotes grade VF or higher with a minimum value of €50, or lower than VF grade with a minimum value of €100 or combined lots in albums with over 150 pieces or coins in boxed lot weighing over 4 kg.
  • Silver coins of scarce dates, commemorative, coloured, gilded or slabbed; or at least 2 oz.
  • Gold or platinum coins weighing at least 1 gram (.999).
  • Bullion ingots & bars of at least 2 g gold, 250 g silver, 4 g platinum, 1 g palladium or ½ g rhodium.
  • We are also looking for accessories: handmade coin cabinets, antique magnify glasses, antique coin scales.
  • Numismatic books of any value if before the year 1800 or 19th-20th century books with a minimum value of €50.

The value is determined by our experts based on our audience; no catalogue is binding in any way.

If you need any extra guidance regarding our acceptance criteria, please find the submission guidelines attached below. 

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