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Europe, Map - Italy / Savoie / Monaco / Torino / Alpes / Piemonte; Nicolas Sanson / Pierre Mariette - Estats du Duc de Savoye (...) - 1651-1660

54 x 43 cm. Copperengraving published in an atlas from N. Sanson. Published by P. Mariette. Paris, ca. 1665. Large watermark in the paper. Insured shipping.


World, Map - Hemisphere of the Earth; Meyer, Joseph - Die Oestliche und Westliche Halbkugel der Erde - 1821-1850

Original print with coloured outlines on paper in good condition, slight traces of blooms and burnishing, wide margins, editorial folds. Published in 1849, Hildburghausen, Germany by the Bibliographischen Institut for Meyer. INSURED shipping by tube\rigid parcel by courier\post


World, Globe - Globe - ca 1945

Beautiful decorative glass globe on brown lacquered solid wooden base. Manufacturer: SVH; dates from around 1945. The glass ball is clamped between an aluminum protractor. The lighting can be turned on and off using the switch, it works fine. Height: +-34cm. Base diameter:


Middle East, Map - Anatolia / Turkey; Ph. Cluverius /P.Bertius - NATOLIA, quae olim ASIA MINOR - 1651-1660

Beautiful, small map of Anatolia. Very detailed. Sharp print on clean paper. The top corner is missing, clearly outside the map image (see photo). Verso blank. Published in Amaterdam, 1659, in Cluver's "Introductiones in Universum Geographicam" by P.Bertius.


Europe, Baltic Sea / Copenhagen / Denmark / Gotland / Sweden / Germany / Poland; Nils Thorvedsson Stromcrona - Hydrographisk Paff Charta Ofwer en Dehl af Östersiön, Ifran Dantzig Forbi Heel and Pomeranian - 1721-1750

Rare hand-colored engraved chart of the Baltic Sea from Gdansk to Rugen on the European coast, and Copenhagen to Oland and Gotland islands on the Scandinavian side, created by the skilled hand of Nils Stromcrona in 1737. This masterpiece, titled "Hydrographic Pass Charta Ofwer a


world, Atlas - Universal Atlas; Maurice Allain - Quillet - Atlas Universel Quillet en 2 volumes - 1921-1950

ALLAIN Maurice - Atlas Universel Quillet in 2 volumes - 1933 - COMPLETE. Presented in 2 HUGE volumes: *-* Universal Atlas Quillet - Le Monde Français. France and Colonies. (Physics - Economics - Politics) 42 double-page color maps, the vast majority fold-out. The physical


Europe, Map - Italy / Toscana; Abraham Ortelius - Thusciae descriptio Auctore Hyeronimo Bellarmato - Theatrum Orbis Terrarum - 1581-1600

Beautiful original old coloured copper engraved map of the Tuscany by A. Ortelius. Showing the area down to Rome in the lower right corner. 2 professional restorations . Delivery is 35 euros to the European Union. Delivery includes insurance, packaging fee, etc. Please take this


Porto Editora - School map (1) - Linen, Paper, Wood

N 21 School Map. Considering its age, this is still an extremely beautiful school wall map of 1914 Europe. Very decorative and made of linen, wood and paper. In good complete condition. photographs are part of the description. Printed by Porto Editora. Portugal. edition by


Europe, Town plan - Germany / Saxony; Braun & Hogenberg - Ratisbona. (Regensburg ) - 1581-1600

1ist edition with COMMENTARY IN LATIN on verso. Antique map of Regensburg by Braun & Hogenberg. Small restoration in a corner more visible from the back. This wood cut is dated 1597 and the colour is added later. : Very good map published in the town book 'Civitates Orbis


Europe, Map - Italy / Lucca; Martin Zeiler / Matthäus Merian - Luca - 1621-1650

Engraving on laid paper with black and white watermark. Codpiece in the center with editorial pleats. Excellent inking and good condition, slight traces of foxing and browning, signs of wear. Intact sheet with original margins, visible binding signs. Shipping is INSURED by


Netherlands, Map - Hattem, Gelderland; Frans Hogenberg - Belegeringsprent - 1581-1600

Original copper engraving siege of Hattem by the Spaniards who enter the city in full regalia. From Leo Belgico in 1580 about the history of the eighty years' war. Without caption. With Latin text on reverse. By Frans Hogenberg, Germany, 1581-1585. Fold as published in book.


Europe, Town plan - Italy / Marche / Urbino; Franz Braun / George Hogenberg - Urbino - 1581-1600

Two views of city of Urbino, Marche, Italy, in a single sheet. Engraved by Georg Braun (1541-1622), geographer and publisher, best-known for his amazing work: “Civitates orbis terrarum” published in collaboration with con il cartographer Franz Hogenberg (1535-1590) in Cologne


Celestial Map, Map - Cosmographic Map, Celestial Map, Sun, Planets; Alain Manesson Mallet - Le Système Solaire / Figure LIV - 1661-1680

- This Geographical Map is an original copper engraving from 1683 (17th Century). - This is the edition of A.M. MALLET, published in 1683 in his fantastic work, which bears the name: "Description de l'Univers (in 5 Volumes...).......A Paris, 1683" - Beautiful map published in


Australia, Map - New Zealand / Oceania / East Indies / Microneasia / Polynesia; Pierre M. Lapie / Conrad Malte-Brun - Oceanique Oriental - 1801-1820

This rare Geographical Map is an original copper engraving from 1810/12. This is the edition by P. LAPIE & C. MALTE-BRUN, published in 1810/12 in his Atlas which bears the name: "Atlas Complet du Précis de la Geographie Universelle.... Dressé Conformément au Texte de cet Ouvrage


Netherlands, Town plan - Medemblik; J.N. de Parival - Medenblick - 1685

Dimensions: 11 x 13 cm. Condition: excellent, sufficient margins. Fold as issued. Verso: blank. Beautifully hand-colored. Beautiful old city map of Medemblik with title, legend and city coat of arms. Published by Parival in Les delices de la Hollande, 1685.


America, Map - Canada / U.S. / Brasil / Argentina / California / Florida; Guillaume Delisle / Dezauche - Carte d'Amérique (...) - 1781-1800

50 x 60,5 cm. Copperengraving on laid paper published in; "Atlas geographique et universel". Published for the first time by Ph. Buache ca. 1770 and later by Dezauche in Paris, 1826. Folds as published. Insured shipping


Europe, Map - Netherlands / Den Bosch; Frederik de Wit - Sylva Ducis Gallis Bois le Duc German sHartogenbos - Approx. 1698

43.5 x 53.5 cm. Copper engraving published in "Theatrum Ichnographicum Omnium et praecipuorum oppidorum Belgicarum XVII Provinciarum peraccurate delineatarum" Published in Amsterdam, ca. 1698. Fold as issued. Verso: blank. Secured shipment.


Europe, Map - Netherlands / Belgium / Brabant / Holland / Limburg; Pieter Vander Aa - Carte des Pays Bas Catholique / Les Provinces Unies des Pays Bas suivant les nouvelles observations - 1721-1750

Dimensions: 52.5 x 38 cm. Copper engraving published in "Le Nouveau Theater du Monde, ou la Geographie Royale", published by Pieter van der Aa. Leiden, 1728. No centrefold. Shipping: insured.


Europe, Map - Netherlands / New York / Batavia / Limburg; J.B. Homann - Belgii pars septentrionalis communi nomini vulgo Hollandia - 1701-1720

Dimensions: 48.5 x 57.5 cm. Copper engraving published in "Grosser Atlas über die ganze Welt". Published in Nuremberg, ca. 1710. Fold as issued. Small tear in the blank margin on the left. Secured shipment.


Europe, Map - Spain / Andalusia; De La Feuille - Royaume d'Andalousie et de Grenade - 1701-1720

Dimensions: 18 x 26 cm. (on sheet: 19.5 x 26.5 cm.). Condition: good (minor foxing; restorations) Verso: blank. Author: De La Feuille. Publisher: De La Feuille. Amsterdam. Note: from "Les tablettes guerrieres..."


Europe, Map - Italy / Marche; Pietro e Francesco Bertelli - Ancona - 1621-1650

ANCONA. Taken from: Theater of the cities of Italy with its figures carved in Copper, & descriptions of them in this third impression augmented by the new addition of many figures, and declarations, In Padua, after Francesco Bertelli, 1629 in the Giosetto & Fratelli printing


Netherlands, Map - North Holland, Utrecht, South Holland; Mulder - Kaartjes - 1901-1920

"Cards (...)" Beautiful sheet with many small maps of areas in North Holland, South Holland and Utrecht. Including the following cities/areas: Amsterdam, Haarlemmermeer, Gouda, Rotterdam, Dordrecht, Woerden, Weesp, Beemster, Zijpe, Schermer, etc. Photolithography by Mulder.


Europe, Map - Italy / Piedmont / Lombardy / Liguria / Aosta / Turin / Milan / Genoa; Desmarest & Bonne - La Savoie, le Piemont, le Mont-Ferrat et la Republique de Genes avec les Duches de Milan et de Parme - 1781-1800

This Folio Geographical Map is an original copper engraving from 1787. This is the edition of BONNE & DESMAREST, published in 1787 in his Atlas, which bears the name: "Atlas Encyclopédique, containing the ancient geography, and those maps on the modern geography, and the


Europe, Map - Finland / Lapland / Sweden / Estonia / Russia; Giacomo Gastaldi / Antonio Lafreri - Il Disegno de Geografia Moderna del Regno di Polonia e Parte del Ducado di Moscovia - 1561-1580

- This GRANDE FOLIO Geographical Map is an original copper engraving from 1562 (16th Century). It could be placed next to the other map [not included in the lot] depicting Poland to form a single large image, but both maps are autonomous and have large margins. - This is a very


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