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Bracelet - Silver - India - Circa 1950

Very heavy Indian silver bracelet (180 grams), 24 cm long, handmade with a coin, also in silver, from 1945, representing King George VI.


Collana scambi Africa Italia Mediterranean coral and cotton - Necklace

Prestigious Berber necklace of the mid-20th century in excellent condition. The necklace is made of thousands of corals strung one by one with a woven twine lace. The necklace in total is 100 cm long and has a weight of approx. 220 g. The necklace is very fascinating and


Bracelet - Silver - Nepal - late 20th century

Precious Metal Carry Bracelet. In unmarked silver but tested with goldsmith's acid to the touch of 835. Ram's head. With inner container for precious metals or others..... Measures 9 cm. Weighs 65 grams. Ram's horn with restoration. Signs of use with small dents. Shipping by


Silver plated - Bracelet

Very nice kabyle bracelet with fitting top and bottom. 20th century, silver plated but most is gone. Note: sign of wear and small damage to the enamel


925 Silver - Ring Carnelian

Zilveren ring bezet met gele Carnelian. Gewicht: 21.60 gram   Maat: US.10 EU.20 (63) Afmeting:24 x 18 mm.     Behandeling : Edelstenen worden vaak behandeld om de kleur of helderheid te verbeteren. Bij dit specifieke object is dit niet onderzocht.   -Douane-en importkosten


Ring - Enamel, High-grade silver, Turquoise - Turkmenistan - 20th century

One-of-a-kind handmade Ottoman Era filigree ring. At the heart of the ring lies a turquoise stone, surrounded by handcrafted silver flowers which harmoniously contrast with the vibrant red enamel surrounding the perimeter of the ring. Ring has been maintained in its original


Baltic amber Collar necklace - Amber - Succinite

Fascinating genuine Amber Necklace. Beaded lace openwork knotted with the natural BALTIC amber cabochon and beads in cognac colour and bisser glass paste seed beads (please see photos as the part of the description). Amber has been used as a talisman for courage and


Silver - Ring

Gorgeous antique hand made Ottoman style sterling silver ring with intricate detailing and a gorgeous central gem stone in great condition. The ring size is 20/60with an overall weight of 12.4 grams. Silver purity 925, Ring has been maintained in original condition with no


Baltics - Baltic States

Unique Baltic Amber necklace. Material: 100 % Natural Baltic Amber, raw. Made from old Baltic amber beads, some with natural bark, unique shape. Weight: 20 grams. Length: 45 cm. Worldwide shipping, air mail service with tracking number.


.925 Silver - Ring Turquoise

Silver ring set with Turquoise. Total weight: 30.10 grams. Size: US.9.50 U.19.50 (62). Dimensions: 27 x 20 mm. Stone weight: 40.00ct.   Treatment: Gemstones are often treated to improve color or clarity. This has not been investigated for this specific object. -Customs and


Silver snack bracelet 105 grams - Bracelet

Snake bracelet in very high quality silver, tested in a jewelery shop, weight 105 grams, description as shown in the photo. Length 23cm. Diameter 9cm.


Nava ratna bracelet - Silver - India - 20th century

Beautiful handmade silver nava bracelet from India inlaid with multi-gemstones. The nine gemstones attached to this copper bracelet are as follows. 1. Grenade. 2. Blue sapphire. 3. Hessonite (Gomed) 4. Moonstone. 5. Ruby. 6. Emerald. 7. Cat's Eye. 8. Coral. 9. Pearl. The total


Bracelet - Brass, Silver, hot foil - Afghanistan - Circa 1970

Afghan Ethnic Bracelet in high-content silver, with hot foil and brass. Picked-up in a market in Pushkar, in Rajasthan. The mixture of silver/brass makes it a jewel with very original design. Second half of the 20th century. Weight: 73 grams. Internal dimensions: 6.2 x 5.4


Necklace (1) - Bronze, Gilt silver, Silver - Turkmenistan - Late 20th century

Bronze necklace with silver, gilded silver and carnelian pendant. Pendant 10 x 5 CM. Necklace length 70 CM. Weight 108 GR. Acid tested silver


Black coral - String of beads

19 Antique black coral yusr beads strand. Yemen. Tribal, ethnic jewelry. Strand of nineteen spherical antique black coral beads from Yemen. Called “yusr” in Yemen these beads came from a tesbih (islamic rosari). Matched beads. Worn beads. General good condition with some


800 Silver - Bracelet

Massive and beautiful unisex bracelet. 800 silver. Made with silver plates, jointed and decorated in relief with floral-inspired motifs. Terminal elements with relief representation of zoomorphic figures. Silver hook closure. In good condition, light signs of use and age.


supérieur à 800 Silver - Bracelet

Old niello silver bracelet from the Caucasus, dating from the beginning of the 20th century, featuring very beautiful chiseling and niello work. Weight: 22g length: 17cm Max height: 3cm. Old Russian hallmark: 84. Very good condition, beautiful patina. Shipping with tracking.


Antique carnelian, quartz, calcite - String of beads

Remarkable necklace of semi-precious Neolithic beads in ancient carnelian, quartz, calcite, jasper. Origin: Central Sahara (Niger). Such beads from the Djenné excavations have been dated to the 9th to the 13th century. Some were made in India and sold in West Africa by traveling


“Bambú” - .925 Silver - Arm ring

No reserve price. Original rigid silver bracelet that imitates in detail the shape of the stem of the bamboo plant (touchstone tested, silver tested). Punches present. Width: 1.3 cm. Weight: 20.08g. Inner contour: 6 x 5.4 cm. Its state of conservation is very good, the closure


800 Silver - Ring

Beautiful antique Persian handcrafted ring. This is a hexagonal signet ring used in Iran in the 19th century. It is rare and completely hand engraved, a very special ring for collectors.


Belt - Silver - Asia - first half 20th century

Handcrafted belt in 900 silver. Filigree craftsmanship. Measures 90x2 cm. Weight 122 grams. In good condition. The shipment includes careful packaging.


Persian Artistry in Jewelry | Prayer Box-"'Hamayıl'" - .925 Silver - Necklace with pendant

A silver necklace and pendant known as "Hamayıl" in Iranian jewelry art, specifically crafted as a prayer box, have gained prominence. The pendant features Arabic alphabet inscriptions of prayers on its front section. Designed in a rectangular box form, the pendant encases


Silver - String of beads

Strand of forty-nine antique granulated gilt silver beads. Traditional Mauritanian work. Sought and hard to find beads. Worn. Good condition with minimal losses and dents (see photos). Highly collectible and useful as jewelry supplies. Beads measures: from ø 4,3 to 8,2 mm.


Gold - 2 piece jewellery set

A pair of gold drop earrings; South India 19th Century Length 6cm Weight 12g Shipped by Colissimo Suivi


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