I received a receipt, but I didn't win/place a bid. Why is this?

All bids are placed from verified accounts. Every bid placed by a verified account is a binding bid and cannot be withdrawn.

It is important to never share your sign in details with anyone else. You are responsible for managing your account. If you suspect that your sign in details have fallen into the wrong hands, please notify Catawiki immediately. You must also take effective measures to protect your account yourself, such as changing your password.

If fraud has been committed, please report it to the police and send us a copy of the official police report within 7 working days. Until then, the receipt will remain valid.

If the outcome results in your order being cancelled, please be aware you are still required to pay the auction fee (9% of the winning bid). You are able to make this payment on your 'My won lots' page under the 'Unpaid' tab. If you do not make this payment, you will be blocked from placing any further bids on Catawiki.