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Fossils for sale at Catawiki

Have you ever wondered: What is a fossil? Fossils can be described as the remains of a prehistoric living creature, such as an animal or plant, which is ingrained, obtained in rock in a petrified form - fossilized. To learn more, come and visit our auctions and see for yourself!

We offer a unique range of ammonite, trilobite, dinosaur and reptile fossils as well as Megalodon teeth. Buying fossils on Catawiki is easy and safe. Your next unique treasure might just be a stone’s throw away. Explore our weekly new items and we guarantee you, you will find extraordinary items.

Are you already familiar with the prehistoric world and have some dinosaur, reptile, Megalodon or any other kinds of fossils at home you want to sell quickly and securely? Then you came to the right place. Our in-house experts are here to guide you through the process and answer any questions you might have regarding Ammonite or Trilobite or Dinosaur fossils.

All you have to do is register as a seller and share your items with an international audience and fossil enthusiasts! We are curious to see what kind of unique treasures you have for sale!

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