The unprecedented nostalgia of analog sound, with Hi-Fi Expert Ariel Cabello

Written by Marieke | Published on 17th March 2022

As sound technology evolves and new inventions and gadgets hit the market on a daily basis, a select group of music connoisseurs remains unbothered by the hype. Meet our Expert in Hi-Fi Ariel Cabello as he explains the collector's deep rooted love for analog sound. 

From vinyl records to the turntables that play them; at Catawiki, we see the demand for analog audio steadily increasing. According to Ariel, this rise in popularity is easily explained on a sonic level: the clarity and depth of analog sound is a league of its own. And then, there’s the physical quality. Even the glossiest new invention couldn’t match the joy of holding a vinyl record, admiring its artwork, reading along to the lyrics…As Ariel says, “It’s pure nostalgia.”

For enthusiasts who would like to start building a collection of their own, Ariel recommends to start with what you love. “Listen for what you like, and choose based on that.” Also, feel free to roam: “Don’t stick to any brand in particular.” It’s your party, you make the rules.


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