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Marantz - SR1041 Solid state amplifier

Marantz SR1041. AM/FM Stereo Receiver (1997) Well working and in nice condition receiver! Amazing marantz quality. To deliver this product properly, it is carefully packed in very strong boxes, thereby wrapped in bubble wrap with lots of padding. We mainly use plastic to fill


Marantz - PM4400/N1B Audio amplifier

Marantz amplifier receiver, model PM4400/N1B connoisseurs know how fantastic and durable it is, in almost new condition. With original remote control


Marantz - Marantz NR-1402 Solid state stereo receiver

Marantz NR 1402 5.1 Surround Receiver. In good, neat, working condition, including original remote control, manual and power cord. The Marantz has been tested for both image and sound reproduction (see photos). The photos are part of the description, please take a good look at


Marantz - CR401 Compact Disc Receiver + Remote CD player

This Marantz system brings convenience and outstanding musicality to each. room of your home. The simple elegance of the aluminum front face is. designed to integrate with any living environment. And wherever you place it. – in the living room, bedroom, bathroom or kitchen – the


Marantz - PM 250 - ST 450 - Multiple models - Integrated amplifier, Tuner

Extraordinary vintage amplifier of the American brand Marantz, made in Japan, year 1981. Very high technical performance: very powerful 39x2 watts at 8 Ohms (50x2 W at 4 Ohms), harmonic distortion 0.05%, frequency range 20 Hz-50 kHz, damping factor 100, dynamic range 109 db.


Marantz - SD-45 MK2 Audio-cassette deck

This beautiful and good Marantz SD-45 MK2 is a stereo cassette deck with Dolby B/C noise reduction, first sold by Marantz in 1986. The main features of the Marantz are: 2 heads, digital tape counter with 4 digits, tape selection and suitable for normal, chrome and metal tapes,


Marantz - SR4500 Solid state multi-channel receiver

Marantz SR4500. It works perfectly. Does not include remote control. The device shows some signs of wear and some imperfections visible in the photographs. In general it is in very good condition. Inside, if you remove the cover, there may be dust. I have not dared to clean it


Marantz - TT-221 Direct Drive Turntable

Very good sounding turntable from Marantz with stroboscope and pitch. Is is direct drive and has an auto return function. The armlift works smoothly. The original stylus sound still very good.. All RPMs are set perfect in the middle both. Dustcover looks clear. 45 rpm adapter.


Marantz - 6300 - Turntable

I'm delighted to present for sale my expertly restored Marantz 6300 turntable, which has undergone a comprehensive refurbishment by the skilled team at Hi-Fi Service in Paris. Key Features: - **Restoration Excellence:** I spared no expense in having this Marantz 6300


Marantz - SR6006 Solid state multi-channel receiver

An impressive surround receiver from Marantz. Device has been cleaned and tested. The corresponding remote control is included. The SR6006 is basically a 7.1 receiver (110 Watt rms per channel) with an FM and AM receiver. In addition to the HDMI inputs and outputs, video


Marantz - CD56 - 16 bit - Twin DAC - CD Player

Marantz - CD56 - 16 bit - Twin DAC - CD player. This device works excellently without any problems. It also reads CDs quickly and smoothly without any interruptions. Equipped with the very famous Philips CDM and dual TDA1541A DAC, it will surely impress you with the classic


Marantz - PM 510 DC - ST 520 - Multiple models - Integrated amplifier, Tuner

Inseparable couple! I propose two objects from 1982, an integrated amplifier that uses the traditional Marantz inverting Darlington circuit, Champagne color finish, in excellent condition and fully functional. Intact appliance never repaired. The tone control section has a mid


Marantz - DLT-1 Preamplifier

Spectacular and in perfect condition. The Marantz DLT-1 digital line transformer is an in-line transformer (plus some load resistors) designed to go between the CD player and the amplifier. The Marantz DLT-1 increases the output gain, allowing you to filter out the RF mass


Marantz - CD 6000 - Original SE CD player

A beautiful CD player from Marantz. It's the CD6000 OSE (Limited Edition!) one of the best players in this segment. The player is in excellent technical condition. Optically, it shows traces of use on the upper casing (see photos) The device will be professionally packed and


Marantz - SA-15S1 ST-15S1 Hi-fi set - Multiple models

Set of 2 beautiful Marantz devices in excellent condition. Marantz SA-15S1 Super Audio CD Player. Marantz ST-15S1 DAB/FM/AM


Marantz - SR800 - Stereo receiver

Tuning range: FM, MW. Power output: 70 watts per channel into 8Ω (stereo) Frequency response: 10Hz to 70kHz. Total harmonic distortion: 0.025% Damping factor: 50. Input sensitivity: 2.7mV (MM), 160mV (line) Signal to noise ratio: 90dB (MM), 98dB (line) Output: 580mV (line)


Marantz - SR-50L - Stereo receiver

Marantz - SR-50L - Stereo receiver. It works perfectly. Does not include remote control. The device shows some signs of wear and some imperfections visible in the photographs. In general it is in very good condition. Characteristics. Tuning range: FM, MW, LW. Power output: 40


Marantz - SR6005 Solid state stereo receiver

The Marantz SR6005 is a fantastic AV receiver that allows you to create an immersive home theater experience. With powerful amplification and support for multiple audio formats, this receiver delivers impressive sound and versatility. You can enjoy crystal clear dialogue,


Marantz - PM 45 & 74ST40 - Tuner - Audio amplifier - Multiple models

Very nice, no scratches, Marantz PM 45 Stereo Amplifier and 74ST40 Stereo Tuner, in beautiful condition, tested and in working condition. A beautiful vintage and very good sounding Marantz PM-45 amplifier. The Marantz PM-45 has a direct mode for both the record player and. the CD


Marantz - SR 5200 - Surround receiver

Marantz SR5200. It works perfectly. Includes remote control, the remote control has defects, it works but some buttons have to be pressed harder. The device shows some signs of wear and some imperfections visible in the photographs. In general it is in very good condition.


Marantz - PM 750 DC - Equalizer, Stereo amplifier

Marantz model 750DC, stereo amplifier from 1982. Output power of 80 watts per channel; frequency response from 5 Hz to 75 kHz; total harmonic distortion 0.03%; damping factor 85; input sensitivity 0.28 mV (MC), 150 mV (line); signal-to-noise ratio 85 dB (MM), 98 dB (line); output


Marantz - PM7000 Audio amplifier

Video of the condition of the product : Copy and paste into your browser: The Marantz PM7000 is a high-quality integrated amplifier that takes your audio experience to the next level. With its powerful power and accurate


Marantz - 3200 - 140 - Multiple models - Power Amplifier, Preamp

Perfect conditions. Completely original. Perfectly working


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